Kim Kardashian is getting a Divorce by GloZell

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    25 Responses to Kim Kardashian is getting a Divorce by GloZell

    1. xlatinoxprincex says:

      lmfao i love you <3

    2. shannonmcgee10 says:

      U r my life

    3. jbspurpleninjia01 says:

      me and my friends now ask eachother IS UK? IS U GOOD? CUZZ I WANTS 2 KNOW!

    4. marivsme says:

      0.o I think something died behind glozell!!

    5. 0Brandondavis0 says:

      I think its snowing in your tiny apartment.

    6. johnnygreen08 says:

      lmfao “when you aint makin moneyy then poofs, yous gots to go” lol! by far one of my favorite videos right next to Ke$has tik tok

    7. babyboomer4949 says:

      press 3 repaeadtly

    8. kalilauren01 says:

      does anyone else see a bunch a bugs flying around?

    9. usmclove7209 says:

      @freedomwithluv i sound silly but your defending a person that is not thinking or cares that your defending them? thats contradicting and dense 🙂

    10. SmaragdineSage says:

      press 5 over and over = anal virginity taken

      not tryna be mean glo i love you!!!

    11. GisforGorillaz says:

      youre annoying but i like it 🙂

    12. dinagxxx says:

      What are those things floating around you? Look like orbs!

    13. Belieberious says:

      HAHAHA :p

    14. asimpleroseful says:

      I noe the kardashians are all about money but the thing is Kim is in love with with like mere I luv the kardashianssssssssssss

    15. MsLolsmileyfacegirl1 says:

      you were in it fo’ real? hahahaha

    16. msfacebook0123 says:

      “he probably thought she loves him ahahahhahahahaha”
      lmfao i love her

    17. mzitchbay says:

      poor Kris..he probably thought she loved him ahahahhaa

    18. aileenlova says:

      hahaha poor kris didnt even last one season

    19. sebaz1982 says:

      lol whatsup with all the mosquitoes and the kitchy bed furniture? its like ur in some Holiday Inn @ Pnom Penh on a rainy day

    20. 0superfunny0 says:

      when she started LOLing i couldent stop eather

    21. esam518 says:

      i love her laugh

    22. Musicx1O1 says:


    23. pishi974 says:

      00:31 LMFAOO

    24. Thelovingkids1 says:

      Omg I fell off mii couch when she was laughing like that lol lol lol! Shes to funny!!!!;)

    25. jibertyfan1 says:

      You probably thought she loved you,,you were in it for real phahaha!

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