Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce

Follow Twitter: Fan Facebook: Hey Everyone I am Diana Madison for Hollyscoop. It’s only been 72 days and Kim Kardashian is headed to splitsville from her husband Kris Humphries. According to reports, Kim is set to file for divorce today and she will not seek an annulment. Kim is set to cite “irreconcilable differences.” We’re told the date of separation is listed as today, Oct. 31, 2011. As we first reported, the couple has a prenuptial agreement … pretty sure Kris Jenner made sure of that. Rumors of a split had been swirling for some time and the two were spotted out to dinner earlier this week … looking less than pleased with one another. Kim Kardashian flew solo as hostess for Saturday’s Midori Green Halloween bash at LAVO in Las Vegas this past weekend. When asked where her huband was, kim replied “Oh, he’s in Minnesota.” She added of her basketballer man, currently out of work due to the NBA lockout: “It’s always tough when you’re apart. But we do what we can to try and spend time together and make that time for each other.” There were also rumors that this marriage was a sham from the beginning as Kim allegedly hired kris humprhies to play the role of her husband on her reality tv show. Now Kris is definitely out of a job.

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    25 Responses to Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce

    1. theGspotfinders says:

      @tori481 You, my friend, are brilliant! Well said!

    2. theGspotfinders says:

      @sugrarbbyx3 She thinks she’s a princess! Oh yeah Kim? Tell me what exactly your father was the king of?!

    3. bubblena23 says:

      @sonnytrane I have no idea if you watch the show or not but Kim is a sucker for love, like 10 years ago she planned she wanted to be married by 30 and have 2 kids. She didn’t have a lot of long lasting relationships and Kim really thought that Kris was the one! I obviously understand because when your inlove you do stupid things, and obviously she made a big spectacle because she thought he was really the one, she wanted it to be perfect..and it really shouldn’t disrespect anyone, its her life.

    4. bubblena23 says:

      @nigelbruce232 Your a fucking idiot, she donated all her gifts to charity. GET your fucking facts straight before you run your ugly ass mouth and calling people tramps. AND THE FACT THAT SHE ALWAYS DONATES TO CHAIRTY, EVEN WENT TO AFRICA 3 TIMES she doesnt get credit for it. because the media wants her to look nasty and trashy

    5. bubblena23 says:

      @Strawberry1139 When your rich you have high expectations, you would never know how it’s like because your not rich, and she DOES have everything she’s rich and sucessful and her money can pass down for 10 generations without running out. and she isn’t a slut, she’s only been in a few relationships in her life you dumbass.

    6. lazybutcrazy1320 says:

      Lets go on and here how Kim Kardashian is SUCH A STRONG WOMAN AND FIGHTING TO BE WITH THE RIGHT PERSON IN HER LIFE by those feminist celebrity magazines. THE MARRIAGE WAS A HOAX. There show is SCRIPTED like ALL REALITY TV. She is just as useless as SNOOKIE with NO TALENT. Kris Humphries should’ve just used that show for the MONEY MONEY MONEY. If I was him I would only want to do their shitty show for the money. “you want me to marry you. I hope E! pays well”

    7. diamondmoney007 says:

      These Kardashian girls are nigger luvin’ whores,,, they likes they big black dicks

    8. everydayisashow says:

      this give a bad image of the american society. pfff All those people are useless

    9. BroomstickJohnson says:

      She looks like she would probably only be good for one thing.

      Then again, she might not even be good enough for that…

    10. bizyz says:

      she should give him a few mil,to settle up.

    11. johnediamond says:

      she needs my cock in her mouth sirs,….

    12. xenafan33 says:

      WHAT A BITCH….I heard her Kim and family didn’t spend a dime on this sham of a wedding… Kim and family are so pathetic…..

    13. JuniorlikesTechno says:

      wow what a hoe

    14. christian6455 says:

      @JuniorlikesTechno how she a hoe he cheat on her

    15. christian6455 says:

      @xenafan33 ??

    16. 123galva says:

      Shes a fckn whore i swear someone better deserves kris than her…….. Seriously shes a whore no wonder her relationship last no longer than 3 months

    17. david0487 says:

      Ppl are so dumb ,leave this shit behind and go out and protest about our corrupt gouverment.

    18. bubblyboo132 says:

      @123galva more like 3 MINUTES. Urghh! People like her annoy me. I know people are saying it puts a bad image on the states, but I’m British and I like America, I just don’t like Hollywood. The things people do for fame is so sickening sometimes. :L

    19. 278turquoise says:

      who would cheat on kim kardashian

    20. Punshr says:

      Why is this bitch still “Famous” ? Her 15 minutes still haven’t expired…

    21. 11boomboompow says:


    22. george2648 says:

      i love kim she’s hot but im pretty positive she doing all this to get more seasons of the Kardashians in the end she’s laughing all the way to the bank dont blame her But she’s gonna be or already is public enemy number 1….get your money girl play all these people there sheep anyways.

    23. arianacastro1993 says:

      @Punshr why is she even famous in the first place

    24. Solowizard says:

      @Hotlips4000isback – Not Black enough and Kim knows it. She misses black dick and we miss her.

    25. chicalicous1 says:

      Damn, Kim K. is so desperate for fame, that she gets married then divorced in 72 days! WOW!!!! Poor girl, she needs to make $ some how. I guess!!!! She must be running out of ideas. LOL

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