Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce, Makael’s Church & Kelly Quits X-Factor UK?

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    25 Responses to Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce, Makael’s Church & Kelly Quits X-Factor UK?

    1. caree1993 says:

      @VitiBeauty & you shouldn’t pray to saints and statues hun ! the focus is on the lord! =] god bless you

    2. NIKdashawty says:

      I have to say that you two wonderful men are the only reason I visit Youtube!! Yall remind me of my friends && I. We read folks every && all day! I LOVE YOU TWO! I try not to have favorites but Makael, you have won me over! My favorite quote, “I dont live here!” You two have a fan in me babes!

    3. Datmochagurl28 says:

      @NIKdashawty Right I love Makael like a fat kid love cake…..

    4. MrRudeEgo says:

      Great Episode !

    5. emolypse123 says:

      @VitiBeauty It’s a choice for you if you want to pray to saints or not. But statues are just images of them, you’re not supposed to pray to statues anyway. hope this helps you! 😀 god bless you!

    6. XNiniRSCPX says:

      I DO NOT think they should bring back “in Living Color’. ESPECIALLY with a new cast. I’ve seen the show and although i didnt grow up watching it I love it so much. The cast was awesome the sketches were funny however I dont think it will be successful if it come back out and it doesnt have the same people. The show is good for that time only and to good laugh reminisce on now .

    7. tastemygirlss says:

      love the poppet skit lol

    8. tastemygirlss says:

      so right about that kardashian girl

    9. tastemygirlss says:

      lol at makel imataing kelly lol true true

    10. Jazzmen63 says:

      That piece of lint on mAkeal face thur me off a lil during the video! I’m slipping on my job!

    11. BestOfBothWurldz says:

      In the 2 & a 1/2 yrs I’ve bben watching KEVIN has not made me laff as hard as he made me laff in this video. He was just hilarious. & that wig played its role too. & him twirling his fingers in it LMAO. I be on sum Makael but Kevin made my day in this vid. Luv u Kev & Makael if u read this 😉

    12. XoXoTheBossxx says:

      Lol, that is a nice way to put it.

    13. XoXoTheBossxx says:

      That would be so wrong. Beyonce has talent, Kim doesn’t. I agree on the Beyonce lying part though. It made me so mad, but I still like Bey.

    14. XoXoTheBossxx says:

      Beyonce lying, I mean taking other people’s ideas, not her pregnancy.

    15. DizShaWTYcrUNK says:

      why should kim return the 17 mil? if you guys made 17 mil off a wedding, you wouldnt return it. the ppl n media n fans are the ones to blame for giving kim so much attention. she prob made double n made 34 mil off her divorce! lol the media is all up her ass wantin to snap pics of her and interview her. so dont hate the girl cuz she famous.

    16. ontopp247 says:

      great vid!

    17. bagaisi says:

      Whats going on with your hair? LOL. Where did you get that scarf Makael. Very eurocentric!x

    18. 1nonlimez says:

      there wasnt a moment in time where i thought kim should have married kris or that they were in love. nothing about them together said either of those things!

    19. LUV4HYMONLY says:

      I love the church tlk! Especially since Im a PK! Lol

    20. TheDebbrie says:

      U deserve my like with this video

    21. BadBitchJordynn says:

      @0125PrettyGurl Of course everyone lies esp in the entertainment world but people wanna act like Beyonce doesn’t lie when in fact she does.

    22. DKDAY26ALLDAY01 says:

      Kim starting to become a public whore I think that is a mere understatement. Her male track list is way longer than you have mentioned and she has been married before.

    23. LovelyAprilBaby says:

      “Queen Khia, make $ money bitch. That means make new songs.” lmaoo
      lmao @ Kevin’s experience at Makael’s church. Im sorry but I laughed at Keri Hilson being snatched. She def needs better security. If Kenan Ivory Wayans was to bring back In Living Color under a different name, people are going to say he’s pulling an Affion Crocket move (him having a show similar to Dave Chappelle). I think either way he’s its going to get some kind of backlash.

    24. LovelyAprilBaby says:

      I hope Kelly gets better. And LOL @ Makael coming at Miss Tina Knowles.
      Honestly, I still haven’t heard anything from Mary’s new album. And idk what is in Makael’s beard but it was irking the hell out of me throughout this whole video.

    25. passionkiss91 says:

      @pearlgurl106 “I don’t watch Keepin’ Up with the Kardashian because I do not want to keep up with them” couldn’t have said it better myself!

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