Kim Kardashian Divorce! Kris Humphries — at War!

UPDATE! Kim Kardashian files for divorce after 72 days of not-so-wedded bliss to Kris Humphries: Kim Kardashian looked like she was giving a stern lecture to her husband after leaving dinner… so the honeymoon phase is probably over.

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    25 Responses to Kim Kardashian Divorce! Kris Humphries — at War!

    1. meganfrancis99 says:

      Im not surprised kim wants a divorce i watch the show and he is a horrible person, the way he spoke to her and her family was terrible, at moments i could also see her a little afraid of him, i was with a man just like kris and know what goes on behind closed doors. Im glad she found the courage to get out before children came along.

    2. cybertek3188 says:

      She didn’t give a damn about him!!!!

    3. lovesnotall says:

      This is ridiculous! It seems to me that Kris would benefit more than Kim from this divorce. Since he can now use her name in his life story. Poor Kim, she is genuinely a nice person. I don’t understand why she or anyone for that matter would marry for money. That is why I do not believe she did. We’ve all been there, made a decision when it was too early to tell. I guess reggie is trying to hook back up too? Man the rumors around this are horrible.

    4. NkrumahTure says:

      Ha, ha, ha, ha. Humphries is probably too tight with the money…Or can’t afford Kardasian’s hyper-comsuming life style. He may not have the net worth to afford her tastes anyway. And she’s not coming off her money to take care of them both.

    5. spokeshole says:

      The most HATED family in America.

    6. madison4257 says:

      @meganfrancis99 Shut up Stupid……you must be another airhead like her

    7. morfius93638 says:

      just kill all of em

    8. CandyManMvp says:

      1:03 PIU PIU PIU xd

    9. Katy51509 says:

      Love her!!!
      Katy51509..Check me out singing a cover song of Christina Aguilera! Enjoy

    10. boykorda says:

      Cautionary tale. Ladies, never marry a man who has the same name as your MOM!

    11. speedy02 says:

      She loves the nigger cock too much.

    12. xxgirlsdayxx says:

      This is just so fake.. Kim won’t do that to Kris because she mentioned that he is the one…

    13. MrKnowbody1 says:

      Search Youtube: “Kardashianitis – Ignore For A Cure “

    14. Drose4president says:

      god such an annoying voice

    15. imanoobsorry says:

      @xxgirlsdayxx lol kim k fan girl

    16. smokeyandbaby says:

      Wanna see her sex tape?

      Here it is: WatchCelebSexTapes. com

    17. Mr1131988 says:

      I’m so annoyed with any retard that actually is surprised by this! If anything was a shock, it was her even getting engaged, receiving a $2M ring and eventually marrying a no-talent basketball player. She got married despite being so into herself? Come on! U saw this coming! Hollywood loves it when idiots pull stunts like this. Hastily marry someone in a lavish ceremony and then dump him after 72 days. Kim K did all that and fed the media everything they ever wanted!

    18. Mr1131988 says:

      @MsCassia88 R u naive? Of course she would share her entire personal life to the media because that’s all she does for a living. She can’t sing, act or do anything that makes her a legit celebrity so she’s willing to even compromise her dignity just 4 attention. All she did is make a sex tape that got her all these opportunities like those phony DASH stores! Of course u would get nothing out of Beyonce coz she only wants 2 b known 4 her music. Her private life is no one’s business!

    19. Mr1131988 says:

      There is no way in Hell this marriage was real to Kim. I bet Kris was foolishly and madly in love. He was so stupid not 2 realize their marriage was yet another stunt Kim pulled off to get media attention. No cunt files for divorce citing irreconcilable differences after 72 days of marriage. She seemed happy with Kris when they were dating. How could things b so bad so fast that it can’t b fixed? Obviously just another publicity stunt!

    20. LummiN8vRose says:

      yayyy i’m so glad they are splitting. that miserable no talent whore doesn’t deserves someone as sweet as him. kris is just too humble of a man to ever truely be a part of the kardASSian clan

    21. TheGoreChronicles says:

      @LummiN8vRose AMEN!!!!

    22. TheGoreChronicles says:

      She is such a whore!!!!

    23. TheGoreChronicles says:

      She sounds like a whiny, little rich girl from the upper west!!!! No offense to anyone but her!!!!

    24. MsCassia88 says:

      @Mr1131988 You ignorant basterd! Just mad because, Kim would not give your pathetic ass the time of day. Exactly, Beyonce is all about the music, she just want idiots like you to buy her music. Kim KArdashian is not different from any other celebrity that people like you praise. So sit the hell down and shut up loser ass lame!

    25. Cscottrun53 says:

      Kim looks kind of evil. Money is the root of all evil though soooo…

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