Kim Kardashian Divorce! Kris Humphries — after 72 Days! WoW!!

Kim Kardashian Divorcing Kris Humphries!!!!!! Kim Kardashian Divorce KIM KARDASHAN FIles for divorce after 72 Days Kim Kardashian Divorcing Kris Humphries Kim Kardashian is getting a Divorce Kim Kardashian Filing for Divorce Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian…

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    17 Responses to Kim Kardashian Divorce! Kris Humphries — after 72 Days! WoW!!

    1. Bret3030 says:

      No Suprise hear playa

    2. obbyit says:

      This Is Also Not A Surprise To Me B/Cus I Knew From The Beginning Kris Would Not Adapt To This Relationship As He Is Naive And Not Used To This Lifestyle Of A Celebrity. Good Video Mark And Rob From That Mark And Rob Tv Show You Guys Are My NEWS!

    3. residentevil5king says:

      shes a hoe, bty mark and rob u guys are the best

    4. Domingo0022IWAY says:

      Kim had the right to do that. The man was a cheater lol

    5. tweetlova says:

      Kris got lucky lol i would never marry kim k and it was a publicity stunt anyway that kardashian “reality” show is scripted

    6. AnthonyTheGamer says:


    7. glennjones1000 says:

      i really dont care stars are fake anyway

    8. TheChickMagnetTheMiz says:

      Probably because Humphries isn’t earning any money during the lockout

    9. PureCents says:

      i woulda fuxd her then divorced her 1st

    10. MelDovesWorld says:

      its just stupid, why they even take it that far anyway? If I were a guest at there wedding I would be pissed, because it waste of a gift. 10 million dollars for 72 days damn

    11. kalimaganeshshivan says:

      Kris’s dick wasn’t big enough or black enough for Kim! LOL

    12. aiAn11 says:

      Kim doesn’t know the word “compromise” and “sacrifice”. She only knows “Me, my self, and I”. And their marriage is just for attention. She’s also trying too hard to be another Elizabeth Taylor. Let’s get real, she became popular because of her sex tape…that’s it.

    13. blkbarbii says:

      Kris didn’t have a chance against her family. When she let Khloe ask Kris about having STD’s that showed that they didn’t respect him. Kris was very gullable.

    14. jaysicka06 says:

      Good video

    15. AznKinKnowsBest9 says:

      It’s sad shes 30 and isn’t married

    16. audacious2010 says:

      The ones that want to marry her and married her..she divorced them and the ones that she wants to get married to, does not want to marry her. Never mind as long as her mom is around to pick her up when things don’t go her way.

      If she marry Reggie Bush,,it will also end in divorce. She need to marry someone older like someone of Bruce age.

    17. audacious2010 says:

      Kim is not the wifey material. Nice to look at, nice to be with and have fun with..but for wife?,,,she has got to to grow up and has lots to learn.

      Normal men don’t like women with many exes., have sex tape or always attention grabber, show too much boobs or ass to make them their wives….and even when the did marry…they alwayz end up in divorce…

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