Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to divorce

After just 72 days of marriage, the reality star and basketball player are set to divorce citing irreconcilable differences. . Report by Katie Lamborn. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

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    25 Responses to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to divorce

    1. Fierulxoxo says:


    2. 845763lola says:

      fame whore

    3. pantyhosemanful says:

      The divorce doesn’t surprise me on bit. Kris probably got bored with her.Perhaps he had unrealistic expectations like Kim getting a REAL job.She should have stuck to partying and modeling bikinis.

    4. stardream97 says:

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    5. XxchampaignxX says:


    6. MrGrimezTheAntiHero says:

      Reality TV aye haha haha!

    7. slaneybanner says:

      Pantyhosemanful, you got it all wrong. Kris only had unrealistic expectations because he expected Kim to become domesticated – mundane stuff like cleaning the bathroom, taking the trash out and doing laundry.Fat chance of that happening with a rich party girl like her. .

    8. TheAab11 says:

      Who gives a flying fuck?

    9. Dragonborn057 says:

      She’s a fake ass slut who doesn’t deserve any media attention.

    10. MrDirdal says:

      kim out on the market again, awww yeeaaaah

    11. TheMelongrove says:

      Kris shouldn’t feel that bad.The marriage lasted longer than some celebrity marriages.At least he managed to get Kim’s panties down about 50 times.

    12. 845763lola says:


    13. yyttroll says:

      Everyone knew that was a SHAM! She’s a fucking Armenian slut who is hungry for money and black dicks!

    14. IntenseSoldier says:

      their relation ships only lasted 72 days because kim only knew 71 positions.

    15. purplefinchkary says:


      Yeah. And she and those types of women won’t ever change either cause their spoiled and terrible. I would assume after many generations their offspring will die down into stupidity. Well, it’s already in the foolish phase.

    16. purplefinchkary says:


      Your completely right. Marriage is a sacred thing, yet so many use it to get money…

    17. karlsmith00 says:

      @845763lola your father’s a whore.

    18. 845763lola says:

      @karlsmith00 i know but …hes not a fame whore

    19. karlsmith00 says:

      @845763lola oh, he just lets guys ream him for money but he doesn’t look for attention because of it? well then that’s fine.

      go join him on his corner.

    20. 845763lola says:

      @karlsmith00 i have no time for little kid shit u block me from look at your page so idk wat country your from she still a WHORE go eat shit cunt

    21. melmcl says:


    22. melmcl says:


    23. BRXBOMBER88 says:


    24. GWhiz99 says:

      Within a week of IRAq War vet SCOTT olSEN suffering a fractured skull on 10/25/11 at Occupy OAKland demonstrations, socialite KIM KARdashian files to divorce NBA hubby, KRIS Nathan HUMPhries. KARdashian’s mom, KRIS JENNer, appeared on 6/10/11 “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” with Olympian hubby Bruce(b. 1949); Bill Cosby; and NEON Trees . Unrelated to 3794; hard braking somersaults; “push with the boys”: Nobility gets to “sign” paper currency which almost certainly comes back to them in circulation

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