Judge Rules On Hateful Divorce

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25 Responses to Judge Rules On Hateful Divorce

  1. Noraa666 says:

    @sival Lol amen! Such a double standard. She tries to kill him and he gives her the bird. So she gets the kid.

    Ya seems even to me!

  2. ooMONKEYoo says:

    @im1shak1biotches You’re not the only one.

  3. JTlovesDexter says:

    $1 a month for child support isn’t hurting the mother one bit – it’s taking away from the child. Boo to the judge for this terrible decision.

  4. yuukisama2001 says:

    DAMN!! I’m curious to know what their life was like before their marriage.

  5. psychokillercrab says:

    they deserve each other. i think the ultimate punishment would NOT decree a divorce 🙂

  6. SomethinDwnUrPantss says:

    i wonder if the judges head popped on and off when he was talking and he made fart jokes 😛

  7. SomethinDwnUrPantss says:

    @shunnthenonbeliever then just skip it. be happy its not one of those other crappy ads.

  8. LordoftheJamesClan says:

    so pretty much the guy only has to pay no more than i would say 48$

  9. Pelonetillo says:

    this is not a fair ruling because if the man wanted custody, he will likely give more than the mandatory $1 per month for his daughter’s sake. a mockery of the legal system.

  10. LakaiTillYouDie says:

    @sival yea but what if its exaggerated. it could have been a weak attempt.

  11. VapaRiza says:

    @caseyvill didnt say it was true search for you cant say cunt in canada

  12. VapaRiza says:

    @RomeoCo search for you cant say cunt in canada by kevin wilson

  13. MonkeyScout says:

    @Finiras If she’s a better parent than the father, than yeah, sure. Personally I would check if some other family member besides the parents can step in.

  14. caseyvill says:

    @VapaRiza Lol thats an awesome song
    mention its a song next time
    Like “I hate winnipeg”
    if you dont put the quotes i would get pissed

  15. MomSaysImCool says:

    Vive le Canada! Where le justice is delivered mon esti.

  16. niemanickurwa says:

    @Pelonetillo Think you missed the point.

  17. eldogg4life says:

    No kid, no child support and the chance to get a laid again… DAD WIN!!!

  18. Pelonetillo says:

    what was it

  19. BorgKing001 says:

    IDK i really hate my fucking EX

  20. SoaringTrumpet says:

    What’s with this Boingo plug taking up 50 seconds of the video?? We already have to put up with the obligatory 7 seconds at the beginning of every TYT vid.

  21. Ragitsu says:

    The judicial system favors females over males…

  22. Ragitsu says:


    You’re getting dangerous close to lunatic rhetoric territory here. By the way, the courts typically rule in a way that favors mothers over fathers. Just saying…

  23. niemanickurwa says:

    @Pelonetillo That they’re both fucking idiots, so they’re both being punished.

    He can’t see his kid, she can’t get any financial assistance from him.

  24. tommyepaillebvf says:

    Holly shit here Latino Beauties **rockmycity.info**

  25. xBlaCkxrOsEx6 says:

    That judge is kind of awesome but I dont think he should have been allowed to do what he did (make a joke of their situation). I understand the husband didnt get custody because the daughter hates him but why the hell did the wife get custody? She tried to kill her husband! people like that shouldnt be allowed to have kids!

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