Josh Powell Full Interview With 2News Utah News, KUTV, 2News, Utah Community.flv

The uncut 2 News interview with Josh Powell.

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25 Responses to Josh Powell Full Interview With 2News Utah News, KUTV, 2News, Utah Community.flv

  1. linlex2 says:

    also notice he’s not saying anything like: whoever has her let her go or susan come home.
    Also when the reporter at 5:30 asks him where they went camping, he asks “Where down at the Moab area” and Josh totally reacts to that question physically, but says no no not there…

  2. muthavelandez says:

    this guy. what a piece of work. just watching him try and act like a concerned guy should be evidence enough… he makes me sick.

  3. utahrob says:

    The Powells only have 1 vehicle, a 2 wheel drive minivan. At 11:45pm just before Josh supposedly went camping, a car alarm was heard blaring in their garage for 2 minutes. Did Susan who attended church and talked about that with a friend in front of Josh also forget it was Sunday? Both were due at work the next day. Do people think that Susan thought it was ok for them to leave? It was ok he was taking her 2 young kids on the coldest day with a winter storm approaching at 12:30am?

  4. utahrob says:

    Police need to arrest Josh Powell NOW. There is plenty of evidence on him. Im highly disappointed in the WVC police, friends of the Powells, and family members of the Powells. There is only ONE PERSON being extremely UNCOOPERATIVE and being extremely EVASIVE to EVERYONE. Thats JOSH POWELL.

  5. wacoinferno says:

    come on josh!! again i say you need a smore shoved up you dumb ass. Your story is all bullshit. You know i know it the whole damn world knows your a fucking Liar,your wife was the one thta put all the money in the house,you did nothing but lay around and sleep. Josh your a sick sick man. dive it up already. you took the mother of your 2 boys and got rid of her likr a common pile of trash. you were gonna have to get a JOB & HAVE TO GET JOB NT SUPPORT YOURSEFWHERE IS SHE JIOSH? WHERE IYOUR A PUNK

  6. OnePickieChickie says:

    This is excellent. I notice how the mumbling, hesitant, confused Josh suddenly becomes highly excited when you made an incorrect statement about Susan being ill. It’s like WOW! Suddenly he is able to speak rapidly and without hesitation.

  7. angriest1 says:

    @MegaBelch Right you are, my friend!

  8. s0caltrukker says:

    Can you say “Mark Hacking”

  9. snoozy81 says:

    According to a news article this week, Susan Powell’s parents are complaining because Josh will only let them visit with their grandchildren over at Josh’s house and will not let them see them very often. What kind of concerned husband or father would do that? Josh has to hide behind his own children. All he says to reporters is, “I have to get my boys,” or hides behind an umbrella at the vigil. What was in the pancakes that made Susan so sick and tired that day?

  10. carlapage54 says:

    what i don,t understand is why are you all on the friends&family of susan powell protecting josh? you all say “we love him even though he did this”! well,i,m sorry i don,t love a predator who preys on women and does things to them,it is not okay in my book!!!!!!

  11. GRINEPHUNT says:

    GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY, The boy can’t lie worth a shit, he has to search for answers, and he not the lest bit worried or concerned, the kids should of been given/turned over to grandparents cuz he is the only person of intersest

  12. GhostGal5 says:

    Exactly! You hit the nail right on the head!

    “Mark Hacking #2”

  13. GhostGal5 says:

    Ha! This guy’s a really BAD liar! I mean, there’s some really good smart criminals out there – and they can really convince people that they’re innocent and that they had nothing to do with the crime!…But Josh Powell fails – MISERABLY!

    He’s obviously very nervous and not quite all that articulate/concise during the interview – but I guess that would be the result of going to bed each night, knowing that you had harmed/killed your wife!

    It’s called a “guilty conscious” Josh Powell….

  14. GhostGal5 says:

    And the only solution to getting rid of a “guilty conscious” is telling the truth and admitting to your crime!

    As John 8:32 in the New Living Translation says…

    “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

  15. GhostGal5 says:

    Have to agree there. Can’t say I would protect and love the murderer of *MY* daughter! (And this is someone who robbed these two children of their own mother! How utterly selfish and cruel is that?!)

  16. snoozy81 says:

    Josh is so weak and cowardly. He tells his boys that “mommy’s lost”, yet does nothing to help find her. They miss her and need her and Josh does nothing to help them and won’t even allow Susan’s parents to visit with them.
    How could boys enjoy being taken from their sleep to ride 2 hours in a cold car in dangerously cold and icy conditions?

  17. Lucindagogo says:

    What’s the problem? Doesn’t everyone take their infants camping in zero degree weather at midnight? C’mon, s’mores in the dessert at midnight on a Sunday in zero degree weather is completely reasonable, you people need to back off poor Josh.

  18. XXXPharcydeXXX says:

    josh killed her there I said it we need to get this son of a bitch.

  19. TheAdalaide says:

    Umm, Umm, “I didn’t do anything” Umm, “I need some chapstick”, Umm, “I was sleeping”, Umm, “Where is she Josh”????

  20. sweetlynumb86 says:

    yea hes afraid he’ll say too much.. you can tell.. hes deff. guilty…
    its written all over his face..
    i hope they find out what he did to her

  21. jloy88 says:

    Holy crap did you see the look of fear and isolation in his face when he asked him about where he went camping. First it was the look of scrambling to remember/make up a place where he went, and then as soon as he said it he realized he might be compromising himself and immediately ended the interview. Incredible. Incredible. Incredible. Someone so blatantly guilty can pull of this act and walk away with it. All the speculatory evidence points to it he just did an immaculate job of cover

  22. livnfree930 says:

    There’s something really unnatural about this guy’s answers. Also he seems so far away, like his mind is somewhere else all the time.. and he’s struggling to bring himself back to the moment so he can answer questions satisfactorily. He’s obviously guilty. So guilty.

  23. pepperbird says:

    How long is it going to take? I remember watching this when it aired… Seriously?? “Um I thought it was Sunday…. ” He’s obviously not very bright… why can’t they find her? One of these days he’s going down!

  24. venuslock35 says:

    He was asked when did he go camping…his response: “Basically, umm I’m just trying to umm…trying to figure out what I can do & both try to find her… & try to…take care of…life in general” WTF kind of response is that?

  25. coffeescup says:

    If he cared so much about the kids, he shouldn’t have killed their Mom… Who takes a two and four year old “camping” in the middle of the night without a second parent. I can’t wait until he’s finally behind bars where he belongs.

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