Jonny Craig “Children Of Divorce” Music Video

Jonny Craig “Children Of Divorce” Video Rise Records Director: Robby Starbuck Producer/Editor: Robby Starbuck DP/Colorist: Greg Ephraim Production Company: RSM

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25 Responses to Jonny Craig “Children Of Divorce” Music Video

  1. yourxmyxapocalypse says:


  2. RennerandBain says:

    @donationkid Tony Perry is the guitarist for Pierce the Veil.

  3. frankieutd says:

    this song gives me chills

  4. DrimbaDrimba says:

    fucking magical

  5. zaaaaaaack says:

    i don’t understand, this guy blows justin beiber, jonas brothers and all that disney teeny bopper shit out of the water. His voice is diva status, like celine dion diva status. Fuck, I hate the music industry today and it’s arrogance towards artists like this.

  6. kailamaddalo says:

    i may have just had a small O.

  7. atthebestoftimes says:

    <3 Jonny Craig! hes such an amazing person! and an angel in heaven is missing a voice because he has it.

    and its just even better that hes good friends with ptv. cause i <333 them too! and the fact that tonys in this vid makes me so happy!

  8. Xltdizzle says:

    @chewbacapubes Same, bro.

  9. JU5TlNBIEBER says:

    @zaaaaaaack he not better than Justinn!!!

  10. kfroese7 says:

    Respond to this video…
    my brother dated his sisterr 🙂

  11. jay270486 says:

    Is this the singer thats in Emarosa?

  12. spineoft33th says:

    @jay270486 yeah it is his name is jonny craig. he has a solo album too.

  13. emoneyshumski says:

    I dont get how this guy isnt mainstream, hes amazing.

  14. ImangoJango says:

    @jay270486 yeah he’s in emarosa. and now he joined back dance gavin dance.

  15. ImangoJango says:

    tony perry!

  16. OhhhItsKainee says:

    I heard that Jonny is a dick in person.
    I haven’t met him yet, but is he?

  17. dyingangelo says:

    @kfroese7 is she tight?

  18. GarnetMierau says:

    Forgiveness is key and by pouring out his heart in “Children of Divorce”, Jonny Craig has found his own way to deal with his pain. And move forward in his life. As for the mother…well I haven’t been able to find her side of the story. I believe she is doing whatever she feels necessary to protect her child. It would go a long way to be accountable for her actions by allowing the blood tests to verify who the father is (or isn’t).

  19. Eatenbywormz88 says:

    I couldn’t fastfoward this song the epicness of it stopped it

  20. fleesaidthethief says:

    @OhhhItsKainee he has the biggest ego

  21. tealatequila24 says:

    @emoneyshumski bad personality.

  22. stephanieredfearn says:

    i looove this man, hes such a great musician.
    the fact that most people dont know who he is is awful.

  23. emoneyshumski says:

    @tealatequila24 that should help him get mainstream, that would help publicity. everyones a asshole in mainstream anyways.

  24. MacMontrose says:

    @fleesaidthethief I met him in Houston and he was an amazing person. He stopped what he was doing and talked with everyone and even gave me and my best friend big hugs and pics with him. One of the most generous artists I have seen in the scene.

  25. g4ngst4adam says:

    @chewbacapubes yeah yeah no homo, nothing homo about that comment lad…. ps this jonny craig geeza is shit and his songs are so boring… if he had a good vocie i could see past the boring but its too average. SHIT TRACK

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