Jonny Craig – Children of Divorce [Live]

Jonny Craig @ Chain Reaction Anaheim, California December 3, 2009 Directed By: Filmed By: Robert & Alberto Herrera

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    25 Responses to Jonny Craig – Children of Divorce [Live]

    1. darleneytheweenie says:

      Jonny Craig’s voice is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

    2. LANDONisFUCKINGweird says:

      hes not redneck dude aha, if he was redneck, he probably would have never sang for a band like dancegavindance.

    3. Bojl95 says:

      wow. i think that the live version is actually BETTER than the studio one.

    4. VeryLargeRat says:

      he’s from Kentucky

    5. scagle777 says:

      Emarosa was formed in Kentucky, Johnny is from Canada.

    6. scagle777 says:

      @scagle777 I meant Jonny…. sorry bout that

    7. bometv says:

      hell yeah he’s canadian.

    8. BeanaBreakdown says:

      Truly one of the most beautiful vocal ranges i’ve ever heard come out of a guys mouth! Brilliant 🙂 <3

    9. xxbpattxx says:

      @Haschennuster Hes from Kentucky bud

    10. b0ssds1 says:

      thumbs up if you think Jonny Craig should audition for American Idol!!!!

    11. HungryForRock says:

      @b0ssds1 Fuck American Idol, he’s too good for that show! He’s Jonny Craig! Jonny Muthafuckin Craig!

    12. iLyykMuzik says:


      Everyone that’s anyone is from Canada

    13. noname5555565 says:

      @Haschennuster Canada has rednecks, trust me, I live here.

    14. Xltdizzle says:

      @noname5555565 They’re not Rednecks in Canada, they’re hosers.
      I live in Canada too =p

    15. XxguitaraddictionxX says:

      @b0ssds1 auditioning would be a waste he’d win
      also simons musically prejudice. if you arent singing pussy shit he hates on you. he’d look into his background and see screamo bands then kick him out.

    16. DeathcoreZachh says:


      I think that’s a good idea, because I would love to see someone like Jonny win. He has more talent than anyone.

    17. cpn72 says:

      @b0ssds1 He’d go sooo mainstream. Fuck Idol. He’s better off with fans like us who obviously listen to real music.

    18. KrustytheKiller says:

      @b0ssds1 he wouldn’t be allowed on american idol because he already has a music career and has been signed.

    19. afi4lifee1 says:

      you all should check out my cover I did of this song 🙂

    20. geminikb says:

      actually it was his grandmother that taught him all he knows about music.

    21. XXHattoriHanzoXX says:

      How has no one commented on how much he looks like Julian Barrat (Howard Moon) here!? seriously google him

    22. skylinedrama says:

      at last a video without dislike.. jonny craig is awesome and great singer!

    23. stewiecom69 says:

      Was that a Mighty Boosh reference? Fair deuce sir.

    24. tylerjoe says:

      Most of you guys are wrong about his musical background. Watch his hardtimes interview, Ruth is a lady who sang gospel and taught him about singing and soul music. Her name is tatted on his hand

    25. WoeIsMe19DGD says:

      Haha love Jonny’s mustacheXD. Jonny has such an amazing voice:)

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