Jonny Craig – Children of Divorce (Cover)

It’s been a while. Here ya go! Absolutely love this song. Be sure to thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! I’m back and I’ll strive to make one video a month. Facebook Fan Page: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:

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    25 Responses to Jonny Craig – Children of Divorce (Cover)

    1. candy210202 says:

      i want to marry ur videos

    2. RvApl says:

      i really loooove your videos

    3. ScluvSjEunhyuk43v3r says:

      This ? AWSOME! 

    4. EddPambino says:

      What a freakin great Video!!!

    5. MsTralalila says:

      subscribed. so good.

    6. mackmops says:

      Awesome, checking you out more in the future!

    7. salvatoreiam says:

      Great job. More your kind of music. Say hi to your dad. His friend Sam from work

    8. chipheobg says:

      FullHD please!

    9. letomeok says:

      great vids i love them – FELIX

    10. bigtiger0905 says:

      did you make this alone 

    11. ngtimudo says:

      pretty cool mate

    12. sherilmyers says:

      Totally subbing you! OMG <3

    13. 74726f6c6cguy1 says:


    14. akbigd says:


    15. dqhung81 says:

      Great video. I subscribed.

    16. Jake123342 says:

      Nice one Kedd!

    17. dqhung81 says:

      Thanks i feel lucky to have something like this, pure awesomeness!

    18. bethmclabia11 says:

      This channel and their videos like this one are so amazing that cant be explaind in words.

    19. SaveCapitalAmerica says:

      this is great i? was looking for this!

    20. MsRsnews says:

      hmmm… good one 

    21. AssaultFireX says:

      Super Video!

    22. evncpc says:

      That was a well done video!

    23. Naoros7 says:

      you just made my day!!!

    24. xSpazghetti says:

      Woah, amazing how you already have this many views.. it’s like half of the original video and you JUST put this out!! Great job.

    25. CrispyxPro says:

      Amazing.. glad i checked out your channel

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