John Cleese Divorce Settlement is Plain Wrong

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    25 Responses to John Cleese Divorce Settlement is Plain Wrong

    1. corvus6corax says:

      I wanna marry John, we con divorce ween he stops being funny or when he discovers I’m a man

    2. tanfoculta says:

      Face it, their marriage is dead.
      It has ceased to be.
      It’s in shambles.
      It has kicked the bucket, croaked, expired and gone to meet its maker.

    3. JCYK90 says:

      nah i aint sayin she a gold digga, but she aint messin wit no broke

    4. 56BUICKRiviera says:

      Aye shes a rose. John is happy to pay whatever to jettison that baggage.

    5. PokerChipNut says:

      If women wants equality between the sexes, these type of laws have to be torn up. That will stop women from prostituting themelfs by marrying rich men because of their money and in the end that will make women look better and will help their cause. That said, I’m sure this woman is not a gold digger and I’m sure that John Cleese is a kind man who loved her and cared for her and simply wanted her to have the money.

    6. arjomac says:

      And people wonder why pre-nups are becoming more common. It helps to limit the gold-diggers in their ambitions.

    7. vespacurry says:

      Another hit woman.

    8. clubsoda69 says:

      Wow, he must have the worst lawyer in the world.

    9. clubsoda69 says:

      dude, ur halarious!!!! 😀

    10. Boadeciia says:

      I’d give my wooden leg to marry him!

    11. Azadeth666 says:

      I don’t think it’s right for me to presume what either party was thinking or wanting with this arrangement, so I won’t go there. For me it really doesn’t matter…not just because Cleese is still working and will make more cash, but because he’s a comedy legend (and she’s not), and that’s what matters more than his money.

    12. joysgirl says:

      Just saw John Cleese perform at Chico State last night; hilarious! He goes into great detail about his divorce. The 19.7 million DOES NOT include the yearly allowance. This woman is highly educated and is a psychotherapist, so she is capable of earning a very decent living. He said it wouldn’t be quite so bad if she had actually contributed something to the marriage such as a conversation. Poor guy!

    13. joysgirl says:

      BTW, his current tour is call “The Alimony Tour, or Feed the Beast.”

    14. stanleykneecap says:

      He’s started seeing Heather Mills now

    15. mettuccia says:

      ..and the alimony tour is just at year one!

    16. SkullhouseProduction says:

      the woman at the begining seemed like she was full of herself not as much as she was narrow minded by saying “Guess he didint learn the first two times”. Love and marriage is a lot more complicated than you think girl. Just nice to get me opinion out there.

    17. TheAbsorbant says:

      He really ought to start drawing up prenups…

    18. krelbar says:

      When you get married you hand your balls to a woman who can twist them anytime they want. Happily married? Fine. But you never know when the ax is going to fall.

    19. krelbar says:

      How about avoiding marriage altogether? Its an outdated concept.

    20. bjw498 says:

      John, remember, Always look on the bright side of life.

    21. ExodusPessoa says:

      I want to know if this judge was on LSD when he made this ruling!!!!! This is outrageous. It doesn`t matter if you`re male or female this doesn`t make sense!!! Give me a thumps up people out there in You Tube Land if you agree.

    22. omgwtfbbqstfu says:

      I don’t know why divorce laws have not changed. In the past it was vindictive because women were treated as children, and people wouldn’t get divorced except under the most extreme examples. Now its seriously out of date. unless there are children to pay for you shouldn’t get anything more than what you earned.

    23. ninyae says:

      I see, no wonder Python have adopted You Tube as a medium, they need the dough from CD and DVD sales, from the free publicity that You Tube can give them.

    24. hint0122 says:

      should have learned. tiger will be paying out $200 million plus

    25. joshhill212 says:

      WOW his 3rd ex wife is a bitch I hope some how she loses it all I want her to know what its like to be poor!!!

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