JK Divorce Entrance Dance

We’ve all seen the JK Wedding Entrance Dance. Now let’s see what happens 6 months later! Video Production by www.indigoprod.com Internet Marketing by http

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25 Responses to JK Divorce Entrance Dance

  1. TheSupergirl75 says:

    so coooooooooool! wow!

  2. torisharris1979 says:

    LMBO!!!!! Hahahahahahah…Too funny! I love it…LOL!

  3. r4life450 says:

    so not real i know the people getting married in the original video

  4. fritopie5595 says:

    really funnyy you know at the end she threw the flowerss at the cameras

  5. TheBunnyhop1970 says:

    Just saw the wedding from them now thinking this isn’t real ain’t gonna happen in court no way no how..Took a little to far was a fan on the wedding but gosh now just playing it up…

  6. MrTrojans123 says:

    awesome vid lol

  7. MrAlexTheGreat1961 says:

    You know, that second lawyer at 0:30 DOES look a lot like Ben Affleck!

  8. pinklet16 says:

    did u 2 rlly get a divorce? hah love the officers im confused but haha does she flick him off? haha

  9. kayvonf820 says:

    anyone who thinks this is real is retarded

  10. georgiawadacs says:

    lady gaga tries to be as sexy as she can .. @ – NakedLady Gaga. c0O0M – See More

  11. supermanfan62 says:

    do a hospital video

  12. Jaybo0416 says:

    omfg funne

  13. WildGuy00000 says:

    there is so many things wrong with wearing ur wedding dress to ur divorce… yes im aware this is fake… after reading the comments

  14. doniar74 says:

    great ! I hope you can make it more videos ! love the wedding and love the divorced video ! awesome !!!!!

  15. superbompi says:


  16. rocket2313231231 says:

    Lol, i saw someone going like Not AGAIN!

  17. DyckmanCity says:

    LMFAO! perfect aiming to the cam ROFL

  18. fabulousxfaith says:

    hahaha fricken ha! amazinnnn

  19. KimboClips says:

    the girl in 0:29 is like wtf,!?

  20. lombo1972 says:

    I didn’t know you had to wear your wedding dress to get divorced! Thank-you internet for teaching me something new !

  21. stustarkenberry says:


  22. snuzzlly says:

    I love you guys. lol Where can I get chums like yours?

  23. 3kabc says:

    sooo funny….but unexpected….the weding wuz beutifull

  24. freedallasdelivery says:

    This video was funny, but not as good as the wedding. I don’t think the wedding can be topped. MAYBE THE FIRST BABY VIDEO CAN BEAT THE WEDDING. HA HA

  25. oipeach says:

    @lombo1972 u dont

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