JK Divorce Entrance Dance (Forever – Chris Brown

JK Divorce Jack and Jill We’ve all seen the JK Wedding Entrance Dance. Now let’s see what happens 6 months later! Song: Forever Artist: Chris Brown

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25 Responses to JK Divorce Entrance Dance (Forever – Chris Brown

  1. handsomehomebody says:

    Is this the same couple from the Best Wedding Dance Entry ever?

  2. munisska says:

    You guys are awesome!

  3. ppo190 says:

    Her aim is perfect

  4. punkymitten says:

    you can see that they arent the same ppl by taking a close look at em

  5. dorothy5167 says:

    I love when the judge comes in. Guys, you just know what us youtubers like to see! Great Job

  6. jesseboy2211 says:

    wait is this real . they really for sperated?????

  7. littlekagome says:

    Dude…..no its not real JK is in the title and you really think someone is gonna dance in there with their wedding dress on?

  8. cl11d1 says:

    They said they love me but I hate them

  9. eauhomme says:

    They’re different people entirely. It is a parody of the JK Wedding Dance. Look at the groom–he doesn’t look a thing like the real one.

  10. Lionforever1860 says:


  11. wnhhh says:

    lol jajajajaja ke me rei xd

  12. Canadaleaf14 says:

    This is awesome lol

  13. MrBenHype says:

    much better choreographed then the actual JK wedding but I bet they must have done this about 20 times 😛 which is prob why her aim was so good at the end.

  14. raresrrs22 says:

    2:51 best moment:X

  15. skeetaria8 says:


  16. HighTekControl says:

    Haha, I would get married and then divorce a hole bunch of time if it was like that! 😀

  17. LovinmySailor84 says:

    I beg to differ…I believe that 1:21 is the best moment!! That little cop jumping on the others back…PRICELESS

  18. goody1990 says:

    how sweet woul it be ?if that would be done in every real trial 🙂

  19. DaPharaoh06 says:

    The Judge = AWESOME!

  20. meiueder says:

    funny ass video… ugly ass bride :))))))))))

  21. wilsontech1 says:

    This is an amazing video!!!

  22. Blackpanthr007 says:

    the wedding one was better

  23. jandk090905 says:

    the guards were great

  24. CrackFox08 says:

    love itt!

  25. fahmisora says:

    this songs never gets old 😀

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