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    25 Responses to JK Divorce Dance | MAKING OF THE VIRAL VIDEO HIT

    1. Evilxelf24 says:

      @Superstarseven Everyone have different opinions. So do not judge on what I think because I may happen to like this song even if you don’t. This doesn’t mean you have the rignt to comment on my opinion.

    2. Superstarseven says:

      @Evilxelf24 I have as much right to comment on your opinion as you have to comment on mine.

    3. jojofangirl101 says:

      hahahaha im gonna watch the video right now

    4. Fea0205 says:

      I think that this was amazing!! I don’t know how they kept a straight face when they were doing this. Keep up the good job. When will we see a video about them having a baby? LOL =)

    5. latin102 says:

      i would like to hear the married couple’s opinion on this vid.

    6. SauronXIV says:

      This is great.

    7. username69211 says:

      @Fea0205 HAHAHA and that would be so much fun!!!

    8. DIMATIF says:

      xD you should’ve seen the end xD *chuck* (doosh)

    9. wynneaj1234 says:

      whats conan o brien doing in there?

    10. penguino528 says:

      @Fea0205 i agree they did amazing in both vids

    11. BarryMcCawkiner says:

      “Do you take this spoof to be your lawful wedded parody?” OMG news anchor, you are such a hilarious slut!

    12. woody2327 says:

      @Superstarseven Space shuttle.

    13. tracgirl19 says:

      I’m glad this is just a parody!

    14. claircote4416 says:

      Thank you for sharing.

    15. jasperwillis5385 says:

      JK Divorce Dance is great.

    16. jonathondixon859 says:

      This dancing look good.

    17. robertohorton655 says:

      This dancing so good.

    18. many9662 says:

      good video.

    19. anya933 says:

      Very good, very funny. Cheered up my day.

    20. minami935 says:

      Thank you for sharing.

    21. kopi5896 says:

      This video is very funny

    22. saijai587 says:

      Your video is great.

    23. ikimawsome says:

      the fight/slow part was the best

    24. penguino528 says:

      i LOVE THIS and the wedding thing, i think it was very orignal and well put together and unique just amazing <3

    25. bestconvertiblecribs says:

      so great actors and actresses. very nice production number.

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