Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Announce Divorce

Follow Twitter: Fan Facebook: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have called it quits, get all the latest from HOLLYSCOOP.COM After seven years of marriage, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have decided to call it quits. Hey everyone I am Diana Madison from HOLLYSCOOP.COM. Jlo and Marc Anthony released a statement to Hollyscoop confirming reports that their marriage is dunzo. “We have decided to end our marriage,” “This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters.” “It is a painful time for all involved,” the statement continues. “And we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time.” Lopez and Anthony married in June 2004 and have two children together. The couple performed seemingly happily together recently during the American Idol finale episode, but there have been media rumors of possible infidelity since 2008. The story is developing by the minute, for more information log on to For up-to-the-minute celebrity news, visit Celebrity Photos http Celebrity Videos

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    25 Responses to Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Announce Divorce

    1. sharapova4eva says:

      Wow! Gotta say I did not see this coming! They seemed OK when she was doing Idol and he was making all his guest appearances. How quickly things can change, or probably they were hiding what was happening. I thought this marriage was gonna last, well for a few years longer at least.

    2. Deadshot089 says:

      @joshmaio She does not know what love is, she’s an idiot with the mind of a horny high school girl. I won’t be surprise to see her with some one- 6 months from now.

    3. joshmaio says:

      @Deadshot089 i wont be surprised eather

    4. RyanBugatti says:

      This is an example of couple that get married just to have kids. She was at where biologically, she needed to act fast in having them. Typical females 25-35. Now that she has them…….dump the sperm maker. It happens all the time now.

    5. TheMiamison says:

      @Deadshot089 BACK OFF, nobody knows what happen in other people relationship when they are in closed doors. Therefore, your accusation doesn’t make sense.

    6. aangelo1130 says:

      @justanasshole71 ……………….. Nobody knows what happen in other people relationship when they are in closed doors. Therefore, your accusation doesn’t make sense …Why you judging other people like that???…………

    7. Deadshot089 says:

      @TheMiamison She married many times dummie. That just explains how dumb she is.

    8. Dorisequador says:

      @todhenmill Your not only and idiot but Your stupid and don’t follow the stars at all saying that comment .. Here anothony –> Here puppy.

    9. dcat11114u says:


    10. EmilysMusicMania says:

      i dont dislike the video.. i dislike the fact that they have to break up :'(

    11. bigalz420 says:

      lol this dumb bitch must be a real cunt to be in a relationship with, since shes been married 10 fucking times, or engaged fuck her,

    12. KristenJn says:

      I feel for her. I think people are harsh. I think she just thinks love comes too easily and marries too easily. I think she is rotten at picking as well. It’s almost like she doesn’t really love the people fully and just goes into it as an in the moment thing. This was her longest union though…7 years. There was something way off about them as a pair. I wasn’t sold on it.

    13. opinks says:

      Whats wrong with her?? I tot She’s happy to be with Marc.. Crazy..

    14. dcat11114u says:

      Let’s look at it this way: First she’s married to a waiter, then a gangster, then a backup dancer, then Ben Affleck, then last but definitely not least a married guy with kids..that makes her officially INSANE!

    15. MrDivalover1 says:

      I believe i could be wrong but jlo has only been divorce twice. ben afflick and now marc anthony. she should go for kim kardashian.

    16. thelovely1890 says:

      That’s terrible 🙁 D:

    17. leagle2010 says:

      I don’t think that it’s her or him that is dumb or anything in that nature….I think that they are having problems that any couple could go through and decided that enough was enough! All these comments on here about her being a homewrecker or an idiot or something in that nature is completely outrageous….unless you know them personally or you are in the relationship….don’t make accusations! I really do hope the best for the both of them and who knows they may even get back together!

    18. leagle2010 says:

      @zxcvbnmmasdfghjkl this makes absolutely no sense at all!!! if your gonna insult someone…make sure people can understand it!

    19. leagle2010 says:

      How come most comments im reading say that she had soooo many marriages when this is only her third one….he’s been married twice and most ppl these days marry more than once anyway….ya’ll make no sense!

    20. batmanarkhamasylum10 says:

      @mysticgirl1000 stop with the fucking peasant bullshit no one gives a fuck about real news being printed only homeless people read newspapers bcuz they have nothing else to do with those things except to use as fucking blankets

    21. MrIzura says:

      oh no, mark anthony loves Jlo so much, but she’s cheated him :O

    22. melyn1912 says:

      kung walang magandang comment or masa2bi wag nalang magcomment kc hinuhusgahan nila ung tao na hindi naman nila talagang kilala..specially jennifer lopez

    23. TheGreg131313 says:

      Who Gives a shit!!!!

    24. RockAustinDXtakerRk0 says:

      Marriage has become a joke these days. They have “called it quits” on their marriage as if they’re done playing a game of Hide n’ Go Seek.
      As pretty as J.Lo is, they are kinda stupid. Their children will grow up being thrown around in each parents custody for a few days/weeks. Some life
      This isn’t for me to judge, but it’s quite logical that you should conservatively pace yourself in a relationship. It’s important. For me it’s ‘do it once-do it right’, although I have no intention of marrying.

    25. loveskaty4life says:

      i feel so SAD for them.. their a great couple.. maybe they have their own problems but what abt their children: how will they feel.. 🙁

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