Jeffrey Feulner from Mens Divorce Law as seen on Fox News Jeff Feulner Mens Divorce Law. Please come and watch this video and post any comments or thoughts you may have. We welcome both positive and negative comments you may have about Jeffrey Feulner but ask that you refrain from making personal attacks, insulting comments, or accusations. Try to be as objective as possible.

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    3 Responses to Jeffrey Feulner from Mens Divorce Law as seen on Fox News

    1. FujitsiCkyou says:

      Jean Moses is involved with the Men’s Divorce law firm and Jeffrey Feulner. She is not the poster boy / girl for the firm but she is involved with all ongoings. I was scammed by this law firm in the realm of 50k. They kept baiting me on by making big promises. Jean Moses was the attorney that I dealt with the most. She took my calls, answered my emails. They actually would bill me $50 to $100 per email or call so I believe she is just as responsible.

    2. FujitsiCkyou says:

      They will keep telling you they need more money to file motions and other random filings only to cancel motions and keep the money. If they have not been investigated by the Florida Bar they should have been by now. Look up others involved with this law firm. Definitely some shady business going on.

    3. KeepinitRealzHomoz says:


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