Is Obama nothing more than a front man for the world to file personal injury claims to sue the US.?

Re; Terrorist. HMMM 1-800 555 ask Obama.
England now wants case records of detainees at GITMO.
I would have expected this from John Edwards, but the Obama.
Neutra, we have pretty much taken care of ourselves in those matters. Contrary to what
many think, We are quite healthy these days.

We get you back 1.00 a time. Pull that handle.
turn that card.

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7 Responses to Is Obama nothing more than a front man for the world to file personal injury claims to sue the US.?

  1. Yuha Mani Lakota says:

    Me thinks um he work for trial lawyers, just like the Clintoon did, funny
    how that band sticks together. Nice of the whiteman to mention the
    red man. even if it was sarcastic, Pull that handle.

  2. dukemack says:

    •Its not his fault. We elected him with no experience in fiscal issues, foreign affairs, etc. There will be some mis-steps along the way, but he should straighten things out in the next year or two.

  3. MrNeutral says:

    time for a little honesty. if there are lawsuits, thats the way it has to be. rights are far more important. Or mr. Sioux do you think all indignities done to yor native breatheren should have been swept under the rug too?

    Mr. Sioux I got it. Have friends w/ a band in So Minn. Praire Island. They are making enough to buy the Black Hills back. They are doing quite well.

  4. Guerrilla M says:

    That is an interesting analogy. Old obama sure isn’t impressing me.

  5. Shovel Ready says:

    Ah, you may be on to something. Let’s let everyone sue the United States. This is Obama’s real strategy for destroying the country. We’ll become the Monsanto of nations.

  6. Vivi says:

    Michael Savage has been saying that since the 2006 takeover by the dims when they came out swingin’ about Gitmo, after promising unity. Go figure.

  7. Sugar says:

    Obama is president….deal with it.

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