(Instrumental) Outkast – Hollywood Divorce

ATTENTION: heres the link to download this www.hotshare.net The entire REAL one. off the album/soundtrack “Idlewild”

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    25 Responses to (Instrumental) Outkast – Hollywood Divorce

    1. emosdnah1 says:

      im married to the game pain buried in my brain december came now prepare 4 january rain febuary slain march april may lame june july an august bang but september an october plain puffing on mary jane i’ll be gone to november mane

    2. kthomas62 says:

      this shit bump like cardiac
      now its time for the heart attack
      ride the night out, now im
      lookin at the mornings back
      swag fly, like that rodney carney kat
      and yours is hardly that
      apply wood, im the center of the heat
      you’d swear, Alonzo mournings back
      an outkast, built to outlast
      im always looking up
      like the sky is straight ahead…

    3. xXyungjvunXx says:

      Thank you for writing lyrics that did not suck. I admire that.

    4. DuncanHennessy says:

      @Ruko4Rob SIMPLE???!!!! DAMN, bro!!! Repetitive, yes, but not “SIMPLE”!!!!

    5. 412DYZZY says:

      if she aint got no good head on her leave that hoe alone
      if she do got some good head on her let her sang a song

    6. durrtysouthfresh says:

      @kthomas62 not bad, just don’t post your lyrics on youtube cause they’ll get ripped, lol…

    7. MSB15GMI says:

      this shit hard

    8. YaKiiDAce says:

      Ace,the ,carta,the southside flow/you already know,how these old things go/as the lyrics increase watch the greatness grow/the same bitch you wifin is one of my flows/inferno out the mouth, like a volcano/tempest of the toungue,spit that real flame yo/you already know how long i can go/like invinitive viagra on a date night woah O.o

    9. Bcondit929 says:

      I swear This beat Was on one of The Boondocks episode in Season 2 when Sarah Dumped Tom.
      Heuy wss sitting with tom on the bed

    10. YOiMSWAGG says:

      Finally, the REAL instrumental.

    11. missingjaba says:


      It was on the boondocks lol. All the boondocks did was remove the drum parts to the beat. They do this for many of the songs in the show.

    12. jimfox123sse says:


    13. VannDrizz says:

      K. is fa da kid u see
      spittin da crazy bars
      I go harder than the norm
      surprise a nigga like alarms
      Im ridiculous, hands down
      i makem sick
      but who gives fuck
      o no not me
      hell naw not me
      so i flip the middle finger
      my nigga got da red beam
      u disappear like sigfreed
      rock star status
      n hometown delight
      burn until im smoked out
      n need fog lights
      im beast n i bite
      Kid kudos in the builidin
      n have a good nite

    14. shadesboy36 says:

      Hollywood divorce,
      camera’s in court,
      just to walk the aile I need an escourt,
      what for? Beats-me, but guards open the court doors,
      I knew I shoulda never married that troubled whore,
      but her curvacious body kept me coming for more,
      like the feeling of allure, she’s trying to take all my money now,
      either half or poor, but this girls trippin hardcore,
      I’ll let her talk first then await for the lions roar,
      I have evidence of what she hides in her secret drawer…

    15. posport67 says:

      this beat is so sick, ppl sleep on dre’s production skills!

    16. timothyboykin14 says:

      this song is high underrated, 3 stacks one of the greatest of all time

    17. Homschool55 says:

      fuckin good song 1000000000000000000000000000000o/o

    18. Homschool55 says:

      hella good song my brother likes this band!!!!!!!!! this song is so good why don t” me and my brother have this album idlewild why because it s” to wild for us hhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    19. Homschool55 says:

      @tylus17 hello i am dumb fat o fat cake

    20. KollateralMusic says:


    21. MultiDarius100 says:

      crack is whack. dope is hope.

    22. Phenomenom07 says:

      i keep it simple an clean u niggas full of hot air i see you blowin steam i exorcise you demons spittin hot shit got the toilet bowl steamin call me constantine or freddy krueger bitch ill pop up in ya dreams but im not keanu reaves blowin down marijuana leaves hear dat engine rev dats a onomatopoeia obviously-ya don’t no me so don’t pretend 2 if ya hatein bitch i hope this shit offends you contemplatein wat beats next on the menu

    23. Phenomenom07 says:

      tyranasaurus rex breathin down ya necks hit you wit the tech send you in the sky thru a vortext rolex’s, lexus, bitches named alexsis fuck em till there intestense stretches in my stretch limo she said she want a sample so i gave her a demo all she had 2 hear was the intro then i had her goin down like limbo kimbo slicein thru ya window jackin evrythang str8 down to nintendos

    24. kwaseb says:

      @posport67 i did not know dre produced this. 3 stacks been really evolving, he ripped this track on the mic too.

    25. exzotik81 says:

      Ya’ll idiots really be postin rhymes up on here like nobody’s gonna steal em. smh

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