I am looking for a Personal Injury claim form?

I was injured at a truck stop a month ago, the claims adjuster called me and said that I wouldnt have to submit a claim for and that his job. IS THAT TRUE? SHould I submit my own claims? And were can I find a claim for? All the ones on the internet you have to pay for, or they just give you suggestions on how to write one. I NEED HELP HERE PLEASE

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  1. MLaw says:

    As a general rule, as long as you have a written acknowledgment of your claim and a claim or case NUMBER you don’t have to submit any particular form but you DO have to furnish whatever information, bills and documentation the insurance company asks for. Keep copies of absolutely everything you submit & every piece of correspondence. Make notes of every phone call, including date, time and especially the name of the person you spoke to. Keep them all in a file. If things seem to be taking an inordinate anount of time or there are things you are reluctant to do because you don’t understand why you need to, see an attorney. In fact if you have any residual problems, you should see an attorney anyway; your settlement will likely be a lot higher if you do so. The adjuster is a professional trained to settle cases for as little as possible. You are not in his class.

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