** Howie Day ** Collide * Cover By Juliet Weybret – DIVORCE DIVORCE DIVORCE

Find Juliet @ www.youtube.com Juliet Weybret On Facebook www.facebook.com Juliet Weybret On Myspace www.myspace.com Juliet Weybret On Twitter www.twitter.com (( GuitarChickz )) ** Over 70 Talented Guitar Girls On 1 Channel ** ** GuitarChickz On Youtube www.youtube.com ** GuitarChickz…

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19 Responses to ** Howie Day ** Collide * Cover By Juliet Weybret – DIVORCE DIVORCE DIVORCE

  1. AggressiveDayz says:

    great vid keep it up.

  2. preytots08 says:

    i love your voice, you have a nice room

  3. zachariah535 says:

    Don’t be like everyone else and let it go to your head, but if you s tick with it you could really have a future in music. Don’t give up, and great cover of a great song.

  4. paintballe7608 says:

    ZOMG!!!!!! How u so good girl 🙂 I love it

  5. volleyballfreaks98 says:

    Your a great singer!

  6. pineyziney says:

    i love your voice! great work girl. 🙂

  7. MILKProductions09 says:

    amazing singer keep it up loved the hell out of it!

  8. okton6 says:

    how long have you been singing ?

  9. YAYPonDePokin says:

    ??????? so what

  10. 666L0RD999T0XiC666 says:

    you have an amazing voice 🙂

  11. emoscreamoism says:

    I Love Your Voice:) Keep It Up <333

  12. kingelvis19 says:

    envy her lol im a guy o.o wierd

  13. oprawca95 says:


  14. Fenrir160202 says:

    Whoa. I just happened to find this and well. You are an amazing singer, I could easily picture you being a huge success in the near future. God bless you.

  15. ALEXMASTER9999 says:

    @kingelvis19 no not at all….. 😀

  16. ALEXMASTER9999 says:

    @666L0RD999T0XiC666 what he/she said 😀

  17. 123diddi says:

    oh shiiit i am IN LOVE with your version of this song

  18. MaddieXsaurusXXrawr says:

    Type “Won” Before youtube.com

  19. guitarchickzgroup says:

    Juliet has her very own channel

    The link is in the description box

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