Howard Stern: Howard’s Divorce (2/3)

Part 2 of 3. Howard discusses his separation from his wife in the first show since it went public. The beginning of the end for Howie… Circa 1999.

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    25 Responses to Howard Stern: Howard’s Divorce (2/3)

    1. tribulu says:

      This was the turning point when Howard ceased to be funny. He quit being a frustrated married man that people could relate to.

    2. makaveli3900 says:

      He’s upset over being DIVORCED so he’s not funny anymore? You’re fucking retarded dude.

    3. Theburn77 says:

      even in a time of turmoil, you still gotta fuck with jackie.

    4. bigmama3408 says:

      i just got a divorce and this is fucking great<3 thanks for the post

    5. Drungmus says:

      I’m sure that was one of Howard’s favorite ways of coping with stress…

      to this day he still rips on the jokeman, even in his absence

    6. stardaddyo9 says:

      stern is no dummy. he’s got that brain-dead blond for entertainment purposes{kinda like a live sex doll}. he’s got an airtight pre-nup. that stupid cumdumpster doesn’t get shit if they divorce.

    7. Gorilla196094 says:

      Howard was much better and much more compelling when he was with Allison. Beth is just is trophy wife.

    8. TIM6669 says:

      Hey thanks for posting all of this, it’s really good stuff.

    9. therolloffer says:

      DON”T GOOF ON THIS but it is ok to goof on Larry King marrage {for example} GOT THE AIRHEAD TROPHYWIFE GOT THE MONEY JUST RETIRE AND PLAY THE OLD SHOWS ON SIRIUS. The fans liked you when you were hungry Hampton Howie FUCK YOU.

    10. hernje says:

      This one’s for the Kool-ade drinkers out there. I remember, years ago, when Stern went on national radio and told America how his wife, Alison, smelled offensively, once while giving oral. If that doesn’t show you how classless, self- centered and sick this asshole is, nothing will. And in Alison’s defence, this is the same guy who can’t shake another person’s hand and his best frend is gay.

    11. LennysComet says:

      larry king gets married as much as he changes his underwear, howard laughs at you, does that make you feel tough telling someone F YOU? Something tells me you here that phrase from people everday, idiot……………

    12. therolloffer says:

      @LennysComet Hey Lenny why don’t you get on your comet and fly back up Howards ass!!

    13. theirtubenotours says:

      @LennysComet Yeah why don”t you the rolloffer’s right

    14. hernje says:

      At 8:13, Stern states how he has to recover from all his hard “work”. Can’t help but wonder… Was it the “work” when he throws bologna at a woman’s ass, or was it the “work” when he has the drug dependant prostitute smell Beetljuice’s ass, or was it the “work” of belittling and demeaning the latest mentally or physically handicapped human being he could find? Genius, Jewboy, genius!

    15. head909 says:

      not robin’s finest moment

    16. saruman84 says:

      @lvl9001Troll Beth Ono is a horse face cunt

    17. gopconservative78 says:

      hoo hoo we told Fred

    18. whoregay says:

      @hernje You’re a typical example of a STERN FAN who wants to appear like he hates him while naming very specific SKITS that obviously stood out in your head over the years of you listening, fucking moron.

      Stern is king, and you keep listening (And even still listening to him on YOUTUBE, so obviously you searched for him, numbnuts)

      People like you keep Stern alive – So I’m glad you’re around! Keep his going strong!

      FA FA FO HIGH.

    19. PerkiReport says:

      He almost cried! And Robin was trying to lighten it up.

    20. gopconservative78 says:

      hoo hoo didn’t tell Fred….hoo hoo

    21. thedarthflagger says:

      @saruman84 HORSE FACED TRANNY LOL.

    22. SmiffWit says:

      @whoregay he’s a bigger fan than you think, the more you click Stern clips on here the more you see “F. Robin” and “F. Jackie” bein’ replaced by “F. Hernje”. If he was offered a Sirius tour he’d jump on it faster than he would Jackie’s dong.

    23. Lvduggo69 says:

      F. Hernje !

    24. fuckfuckfuck1 says:

      “we just spent the whole weekend crying.” lol

    25. mybalzurchin says:

      Let him talk Robin.

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