How to tell if you require a family solicitor

How to tell if you require a family solicitor

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Home Page > Law > How to tell if you require a family solicitor

How to tell if you require a family solicitor

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Posted: Dec 21, 2010 |

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Do you have a family situation that needs resolving? Here are 10 situations where you may benefit from speaking to a family solicitor.

1. If you are getting married and want to discuss pre-marital agreements, a family solicitor can go through everything you need to know.

2. If you are entering a civil partnership and you wish to discuss your rights, then legal advice may be extremely helpful.

3. If you are the victim of domestic abuse, a family solicitor can help you escape your situation safely.

4. If you wish to look into adoption, a family legal expert can walk you through what to expect and make sure everything is done correctly.

5. Likewise, if you have decided to use a surrogate in order to have children, then a family solicitor will help you to proceed.

6. If you have decided that your marriage is over, a solicitor may be required to proceed with the divorce.

7. In some circumstances, an annulment may be required. Again, a solicitor may help.

8. If you are ending a relationship and have property or possessions that need to be split, a family solicitor may be able to help you.

9. They can also help where child custody issues arise and disputes need to be resolved.

10. If you are moving in with a partner and want to find out your rights and how to make sure everything is done correctly, legal advice may be beneficial.

Now you know if you require a family solicitor, it’s time to find a friendly and experienced team of solicitors.

Many legal firms that will offer family legal services along with other areas of law, such as employment, construction and education law.

About the Author:
Why not visit to see how their friendly family solicitors can help your situation? Mace & Jones can also provide a broad range of other legal experts, such as an employment solicitor or property solicitor.
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