How to Search for Divorce Records in Your State or County

How to Search for Divorce Records in Your State or County

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Home Page > Law > How to Search for Divorce Records in Your State or County

How to Search for Divorce Records in Your State or County

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Posted: Jan 16, 2011 |Comments: 0

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Sometimes marriage vows don’t always last as more and more couples are filing for divorce even a few years after saying “I do” . The reasons are many, but the hard facts are more people are choosing to separate. As divorces, are unfortunately more popular these days, each states courthouse is keeping track of the number of marriages that happen along with divorce records. The the recordings are kept by the state, or in some cases a local government courthouse. One might not know that it becomes their property once is has been recorded. Still they are for public use and must be available to anyone who requests a divorce or marriage record.

The divorce and marriage records are recorded, protected and kept properly for accurate historical recording. You might have to visit your local county or state government courthouse as a means to requesting a divorce record but there are other ways such a by the internet . In the past a written request had to be sent along with a viable reason to obtain the marriage record and you had to prove that your were a resident of that state. If the request wasn’t deemed to be of a legit nature, many requests were not approved.

Issues grew as it took many government employees several weeks to complete a search prior to sending out the information, and most was completed by hand. Often times this was not effective because the marriage or divorce records had to be acquired promptly by the requesting party. Today, most of the states provided this information on the internet and this has solved many issues such as time mailing out the request and removing the element of human error in that a state employee researched the wrong information. So thanks to the Internet, anyone can easily obtain the particular divorce documents they are looking for at the official state or that of the local county website.

Searching the internet unlike the previous ways has become a time saver. Usually one person is involved and access to the divorce records is almost instantaneous. With access to the internet one can simply locate the department that can provide you with instructions on how to request a divorce records be it a computer or by smart phone. In some cases, this might be the Department of Public Health or Department of Health Services if the state or local county government courthouse don’t hold the official state or county divorce records.

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