How to Prepare for a divorce

How to Prepare for a divorce

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Home Page > Law > How to Prepare for a divorce

How to Prepare for a divorce

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Posted: Nov 21, 2010

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How to Prepare for a divorce

By: JimmyjohnJohansonsan

About the Author

Lawyer Glanzer is an industry expert in Attorney and Spokane Attorney for military dependants.

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(ArticlesBase SC #3703765)

Article Source: to Prepare for a divorce


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Here is a list of the information your attorney’s office will need in order to protect your interests and prepare the necessary forms.

– Your full name, and wife’s maiden name (you or your spouse).

– Your current address, and at least one prior address.

– Contact telephone and fax numbers, and your email address.

– Your spouse’s current contact information.

– Birth dates, places of birth and social security numbers for both you and your spouse.

– Employment details for both you and your spouse, including place of employment, how long, and salary earned.

– Provide military service information, if applicable, for either spouse.

– Date and place of marriage.

– How many total marriages for both you and your spouse.

– The names, ages, dates and places of birth of any children born of the marriage, and where they presently reside (this includes any children the parties adopted or for whom the parties are jointly named legal guardians).

– List any current or future financial assets, i.e., retirement plans, pensions, IRA accounts, CDs for both spouses.

– Health insurance information and note which spouse is carrying it and who is currently covered.

– List all other insurance coverages – life, mortgage and personal property.

– List the marital assets, including bank accounts, real estate holdings, and personal property owned by both.

– List non-marital assets (property owned individually by either spouse), including bank accounts, real estate holdings, personal property.

– A list of debts owed by both spouses together and separately. This includes credit card balances, loans, and mortgages.

If you and your spouse have already reached agreements as to distribution of marital property and arrangements concerning your children, share that information with your attorney. You may have some (or several) issues in dispute. Be prepared to tell your attorney how you wish those issues to be handled.

The information you share with your attorney is confidential. Working with an attorney can be intimidating, but remember, your attorney and staff are working for you.

Most law firms will give you a questionnaire listing the information that I have outlined here. They may provide it to you prior to the meeting or have you come in a little early to fill it out before meeting with your attorney. Jot down questions you want to ask during your consultation. Having a prepared list of questions makes excellent use of your appointment time. Understandably, you’re dealing with a lot of stress. Having your list handy ensures you will remember to ask about initial concerns.

About the Author:
Lawyer Glanzer is an industry expert in Attorney and Spokane Attorney for military dependants. Get a sweet blackjack strategy!
Article Source

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