How To Plan A Vegas Wedding That Does Not End In Divorce

How To Plan A Vegas Wedding That Does Not End In Divorce

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Home Page > Law > How To Plan A Vegas Wedding That Does Not End In Divorce

How To Plan A Vegas Wedding That Does Not End In Divorce

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Posted: Jan 28, 2011 |Comments: 0

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Plenty of people decide to tie the knot in Sin City. Some of them make the decision while they are there and it is done on a whim, but many people intend to get married months in advance and that is the location they choose. If you are planning a Sin City wedding, there are some things you should consider before doing the deed. You do not want things to end with a divorce attorney or divorce lawyer, so make sure you carefully consider what you are doing. This goes for the marriage and the wedding. There is no sense in getting things off on the wrong foot, so plan carefully, make your choice sand get ready to enjoy a great experience.

When planning your wedding in Sin City, remember your guest list will likely be smaller. This can avoid a lot of fights because if people just will not travel, they will not be coming to the wedding. The venues for the ceremony and reception may be smaller too. Many of the chapels in Sin City can only accommodate fifty or sixty people, so that will automatically limit the guest list. This can be a blessing in disguise or it may lead to some hard feelings, so make sure you and your partner discuss things carefully before making your final decision.

Plan to be pampered during your wedding trip. For most people, this is going to be great news. You are spending a great deal of money for your wedding and the service-oriented industry in Sin City will reward you for it. However, some people are turned off by all of the attention. There are still ways to plan a wedding there, but opt for a smaller, less expensive venue. This way you will just be another bride and groom and nothing truly special. However, if you want to be special, and you should, this is the place to get what you want.

Just like you would for a wedding at home, set a budget. Remember there will be extra expenses for a Sin City wedding because you will have to travel. You may want to cut out or postpone a honeymoon and just spend a few extra days in town to cut down on the cost. You can also choose an inexpensive hotel if you want to make things cheaper. Do not forget that the guests you do invite have traveled a long way to be with you, so treat them right and reward them for their efforts.

Even if you want to not go overboard, remember it is your wedding. Splurge on a few things to make the experience memorable and enjoyable. Hopefully, it will be your last wedding, so you want to live it up and celebrate. Plan a nice meal out following the ceremony with your guests and a romantic dinner alone later in the trip with your new spouse. Also consider splurging on a great suite while in town since you will be preparing for the wedding in your room.

About the Author:
Stewart Wrighter has spent time with a Las Vegas divorce Attorney researching an article on the subject. His sister searched the term Las Vegas divorce Lawyer to find an expert in her area.
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