How to Make a Divorce as Pain-Free as Possible

A marriage is supposed to last forever, but not everyone’s will.  Life can sometimes change us and we will find that we are no longer happy living with the same person.  But this does not have to be the end of the world.  Many couples manage to separate without any animosity and some will even remain as really good friends.  Besides, you will have been together through all sorts of different situations; why should you allow your divorce to take that away?

Here are a few things to bear in mind whilst you are both going through this difficult time –

– Be Adult.

The most important thing about splitting up is that you both behave in a mature manner.  Sure, you’ve been hurt and you feel like lashing out; but what will it actually achieve?  It is far better to talk things through in an adult manner than it is to start getting nasty.  Many people find it incredibly hard to rise above their anger and hurt, but it is always the very best way of moving on.

– Find a Solicitor as Soon as Possible.

Well, here’s a thing…  We all know that we will need the services of a solicitor if we want to get divorced, but many people will still see our partners’ contacting one as a hostile move.  If your soon-to-be ex gets legal representation, it does not mean that he/she is out to get you!  It is the sensible thing to do that is all.  Not every lawyer is a Restraint order solicitor

– Never, ever use Your Children as a Weapon!

This really should go without saying, but a surprising amount of angry partners will still use their kids to get at one another.  This should never happen!  Aren’t your children going to find things difficult enough?  The last thing they will need is for you to involve them in your dirty tactics.

– Be Fair.

Divorce will mean that many things need to be discussed.  There will be possessions to sort out and, and if you have kids, you will have to make arrangements for access.  One of the most important words to remember when you are talking things through is compromise.

If you can give a little, then you will gain a lot.  You are both going to be feeling hurt, but why spoil all of the time that you did have with one another?  Try to meet your ex half-way and don’t tarnish those nice memories.

– Keep New Partners Separate!

Many separations will come about because of meeting someone new.  You may have found someone that makes you feel happy, safe and secure…  but do not involve them with your divorce!  If your new love has anything about him/her they will totally understand this.

Show a little respect to your ex and keep them away from things.  If you don’t, then it can add a rather volatile ingredient to the mix!  And then you may well find your ex visiting a Restraint order solicitor

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