How to get a divorce when husband and wife are in different states?

my wife is in Arizona and I’ve moved to Virginia because of irreconcilable reasons. How do I get a divorce from her. Do I need to go back to Arizona to get the divorce or I can get it while still in the Virginia? My wife is agreed to give me divorce.

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6 Responses to How to get a divorce when husband and wife are in different states?

  1. George McCasland says:

    If you have established residency there, than you can file there, provided there’s no children. If you are in agreement on everything, it can be handled using a certified mediator.

    Doing it Pro Se.

  2. Georgie says:

    We wouldnt know seen as this is Yahoo answers UK and ireland, we dont even have states!

    use american yahoo ¬¬

  3. BabeHart says:

    .You should be able to file where you currently live, but call and ask an attorney’s office to be sure. When my ex and I divorced I moved away from the state where we had lived together, but I’d contacted an attorney before I left so the divorce took place in that state and I just traveled back there a couple of times to take care of it.

  4. JupiterSon says:

    File it first!
    For some reason, at least in Texas, the one that files first has the edge in the courtroom.
    Get a legal opinion on this, and make sure I’m right as far as your state.
    You should be able to get an attorney in Virginia, and your wife would have to send the necessary paperwork as ong as she’s in agreement.
    But, file before she files.

  5. Hal says:

    If you’ve moved to Virginia long enough ago (depends on the state, but usually you have to live in the state where you file for at least 6 months), you can file there. If your wife signs all the papers, all is fine. But if she wants to fight, she can claim that Virginia has no jurisdiction over her.

    If you think the wife might fight, or if you haven’t lived in VA long enough and don’t want to wait, you can file in AZ now, based on her residence there. More on divorce jurisdiction and venue:

  6. Billie says:

    So long as neither of you are contesting the divorce then it will be held in a court in one of the states that you choose. You don’t have to physically go to court.

    Hope all goes well and you then start to get on with a new life, I send my best wishes to you both. Marriage is sad when it ends, but if it is not working out then your both doing the right thing.

    Good Luck.

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