How to Ease the Effects of Divorce on Children

How do you want your children to remember your divorce? San Diego divorce attorney, Elizabeth Brown, talks about what parents can do during the divorce process to help their children cope with the divorce, emphasizing the importance of asking and answering your children’s questions and trying to successfully co-parent with your soon to be ex-spouse. Have a divorce question? Ask lawyers, psychologists, and financial planning experts at: For more information on Divorce with Children, please visit: For a helpful link to a self-assessment checking how your children are coping with divorce, click For more information about San Diego divorce lawyer Elizabeth Brown, check out our website at: www.lowensteinbrown.comDisclaimer: This communication is an advertisement as defined by The Rules of Professional Conduct and California Business and Professions Code. No communication resulting herein shall create an attorney-client relationship unless a separate retainer is signed by the attorney and the client. The information in this web site is published to inform our clients and friends about current issues of importance in the field of family law. The articles presented in this web site should be viewed only as a summary of each topic and not be construed as legal advice. Legal counsel should be sought for the answers to specific legal questions.

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