How to divorce someone that lives in another country?

My GFs ex-husband lives in Mexico. They are divorced legally in Mexico even though he did it illegaly. That is the problem because if we get married and she tries to become a citizen they will say how is it possible you got divorced from someone while you were in this country. So my question is how do you divorce someone with out them being there? If he doesn’t sign papers or doesn’t come to court how is it possible to get a divorce?

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4 Responses to How to divorce someone that lives in another country?

  1. Pardon ME says:

    You need to talk to a divorce attorney about this, they give free consultations. You would need a lawyer to handle this, especially if the person you’re dealing with finds it easy to do things illegally. You should cover your butts.

    State to state divorces, within America have a different jurisdiction than International divorces.
    Get a lawyer that has knowledge about international divorces.

  2. Chels+Mike 4 Ever says:

    probably will have to go to him or call him up and talk to him…

  3. love&kindness says:

    if she files for divorce and he does not show up the the judge will sign if there is no property or anything of value she wants half of. my husband filed for divorce in Ga while ex wife lived in Nj.

  4. cjr says:

    You should run away from your GF as fast as you can.
    She was already married to a man and she is forever bound to him by her marriage vows.
    If you marry her you are cursing yourself and your potential future children with adultery.
    Find a woman who has not been married before or is a widow. Then you
    at least have a decent chance.
    God bless.

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