How soon is it alright to date after a divorce?

I’m only separated now but it’s definitely over and I need to move on. How soon is too soon? The divorce won’t be final for months and it’s a big exciting world out there, it’s time for me to be a part of it!

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    10 Responses to How soon is it alright to date after a divorce?

    1. RedRabbit says:

      Wait until the divorce is final. When you are separated, you are still legally married. Just wait those few months.

    2. cagess1982 says:

      There’s not one answer to that-everybody is different. If you’re ready, you’re ready!

    3. Onetoplay says:

      When you know in your heart that it’s over for good. Life goes on.

    4. Nancy M. says:

      You can date anytime that you want to. Your supposed to wait until the divorce is final but some people don’t wait that long.

    5. phattybiggums says:

      Dating is a problem, go out with a group of friends. If you get caught "dating" before the divorce is final your ex spouse can charge you with adultery. So if you do have interest in someone try to hang out with others in public because private detectives make good money following people that are divorcing to give the other person an upper hand in the hearings. Be careful.

    6. RUBY says:

      i waited 3 years. i was so angry and full of hate that i just couldnt deal with a man in that time. i then met a man that was kind and thoughtful. he taught me what love feels like. he died. i miss him but i have a great husband now because of his gift to love me just as i was.

    7. Anonymous says:

      Don’t date until your divorce decree is final and your assets have been divided. Including any child support arrangements and custody.

      If you are divorced, chances are, your people-picker is broken or you have other issues that you need to work on before you will have a relationship that won’t fall apart again. If you’re horny, buy a vibrator. It’s cheaper, and it won’t give you an STD. The fact that you aren’t willing to wait (but are only legally separated) tells me that you’re not mature enough to handle an adult relationship.

      Thumbs me down, but you know I’m right! Hugs!

    8. Shelby says:

      I know this feeling of wanting to get out in the world. My fience just left my son and me 3 months ago. I did not believe that he would actually do this and it was devestating to us. I would say get out there and see what you want. I think that as long as you know that it’s over then it is. I have a new BF now and he has been taking care of us. I never imagined finding someone so soon after what happened. I thought it would be years but trust me as long as its Final that YOu are DONe then go for it. just let them know what you are going thru.

    9. charlesjerrell says:

      why is it time to be a part of it, if i was a betting man i would say u married young, and wanting to be a part of the big world was part of the reason for divorce

    10. Free Thnkr says:

      the day its final in fact within 5 minutes after judge declares it void . . the faster u move on the better, never let them know how hurt u really r

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