How soon after a divorce can one re-marry in Pennsylvania?

A friend of mine just filed for divorce in the end of March; both her and her husband agreed and the divorce should be final in 3 months as there was nothing to fight over. She has been separated from her husband for 1 year already out of their 3 year marriage due to some infidelity on his part. During their separation period, she met and got engaged to someone else. She is currently planning her wedding to this gentleman. So, how soon after her divorce is finalized can she apply to re-marry? Thanks for any advice.

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5 Responses to How soon after a divorce can one re-marry in Pennsylvania?

  1. Memory says:

    As soon as she gets the divorce certificate.

  2. marcia f says:

    She can get married as soon as she gets her final divorce papers however, I wouldn’t advise it. Even though she doesn’t see it right now, she is going from the frying pan into the fire. She needs time. Most of all to understand why her first marriage failed. She thinks everything was his fault but when it comes to a marriage there are always two people to blame for the failure. If she does not give herself time to figure this out, she is setting herself up for another failed marriage. The end of a marriage is like a death, you need time to grieve and understand what happened.

  3. E&L says:

    As soon as she has received her certified copy of the divorce she can apply for a marriage license. The certified copy will be needed when she applies for a marriage license.

  4. grammie says:

    As soon as the divorce is final. as soon as the Judge signs the decree she can marry, The same day if she wishes.

  5. donotbuyakia says:

    1 second.

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