How Solicitor Fees Are Paid After You Make A Whiplash Claim

How Solicitor Fees Are Paid After You Make A Whiplash Claim

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Home Page > Law > Personal Injury > How Solicitor Fees Are Paid After You Make A Whiplash Claim

How Solicitor Fees Are Paid After You Make A Whiplash Claim

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Posted: Jan 25, 2011 |Comments: 0

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Should you have any sort of accident while travelling in the united kingdom you will discover that acquiring access to guidance and legal assistance is surprisingly easy. The most common injuries encountered in a vehicle accident is a whiplash to the neck and even upper spine area. You may choose to make a claim for damages if you’re injured in a non-fault accident.

Most insurance providers have automated helpline processes which can assist you throughout the aftermath of your accident there is additionally the accessibility of the internet which has a wealth of information as well as law firms supplying niche tips on various legal subjects. So what exactly is the next step should you be injured and need legal assistance?

You should first of all research the readily available information on the web. This can be simple and convenient and may answer many of your questions. You can use a lawyer on the internet these days however before doing so you may well wish to know just how your legal costs would be paid for.

In the uk if you make an insurance claim towards the negligent party then more often than not your legal costs will be recoverable. There are some exceptions however usually the rule with injury compensation claims (which includes whiplash compensation claims) is that legal costs will be payable where a pain and suffering award is greater than £1,000 in value. Any kind of claim which comes under £1000 is deemed as a “small claim” matter and is not deserving of legal intervention or satisfaction of legal service fees in pursuing the case. A similar thing is applicable with property damage (car repair expenses etc) below £5000. The majority of people won’t be aware that £5000 is actually the small claims court limit in great britan for property and also non-injury cases.

You must make sure that prior to starting any kind of claim, you possess confidence that damages will surpass £1000 in value. Your solicitor will advise you on the merits within your case and on the probability of expenses being recovered. If your lawyer agrees to take a risk with your case while offering you No win No fee then they can not backtrack and seek to claim costs from you personally should they get it wrong on damages.

Be sure you clarify the costs regarding your solicitor in writing before you start the claims process.

Most whiplash claims settle for about £1500-3000 therefore where pain and suffering lasted in excess of six weeks the chances are your case will probably surpass the £1000 minimum amount and costs are going to be fully recoverable right at the end of your claim.

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