How much should a divorce lawyer in China charge for services?

A friend of mine entered into an arranged marriage many years ago that her mother instigated for financial gain. Now she wants to get divorced. She is a Chinese citizen living abroad who wants to get the divorce accomplished without returning to China. .

She phoned a lawyer in her hometown who asked for 8000 RMB to complete the process. This seems expensive to her. Does anyone have any knowledge in this area?

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    5 Responses to How much should a divorce lawyer in China charge for services?

    1. We Never Left!! says:

      8000RMB sounds very expensive. I’m pretty sure she could get a couple of CCP thugs to bump him off for less than that.

    2. ANDREW C says:

      To answer this questions.First, I would like to know whereabout this living abroad is? In most country, to instigate a divorce, you do not need to go back complete the divorce process in that original country. Go to a qualified lawyer at her/his present region, ask them what is the cost of divorce process fee without other party attendance. I am quite sure the lawyer firm will tell you. Because if you can file the process in your region, you save lots of money without paying airfare and some other fund. Going back to China to do the divorce, you need lot’s of money to get going.The 8000 RMB is just the fee, you may have to pay for adminstration and service charge. In total, it will come to over 10000 RMB.

      Hope this will give you some idea. Thanks for asking.

    3. Sweety Smile says:

      So, don’t marry with who you dont love.

    4. I ♥ China says:

      8,000 is too much. Tell her do it old school way in China without all the paperwork, hire thugs and let them take care of it. Depending on her husband’s size, small to medium built will take 2 thugs. For bigger built, 3 to 4 thugs may be needed.

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