How much is a cheap do-it-yourself divorce in Riverside County, California?

My friend and spouse have decided to get a divorce. They will be doing it themselves as there is no disagreement about how to divide the property and no children. Does anyone know approximately how much this will cost them?

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    1. SoCaliJ says:

      I got a divorce in Riverside County, but when I did it in September 2005, I only paid about 300 dollars total. Only because I was filing an annulment type divorce, no property or children werre involved. Prices to file a divorce in the Riverside County Family Law courts are always rising. By now, I’m guessing you might have to pay between 400 and 600 dollars. It depends on what your friend and spouse decide to file.

      Go to the Riverside County Family Law court website:

      Click on "Forms/Fees"
      Click on "Fee Schedule"

      This will give you exact and current amounts of what it takes to file on your own, without any lawyers. The fee schedule has a fee pricing for each piece of paperwork you decide to file, like with property and with children.

      If they have questions or need help, its always best to go down to the court house and ask someone for help. At the court house they even have a do-it-yourself center. It costs money to print pages and it also costs money to park at the court house.
      (The address: 4175 Main Street, off Market and 12th)

      I hope I was able to help you out. Best wishes.

    2. Hannah ;] says:

      9,999,000. just a ballpark figure.

    3. Zak says:

      well it can be free…. if you do it the right way =]

    4. Ranger4402 says:

      They can probably hire a Mediator to help out with the property settlement for $100 per hour. If they are in agreement then it should take less than 2 – 4 hours to draw up the decree and file it.

    5. Elmer says:

      its $186 in Texas for no fault divorce call the court house and ask them

    6. Flying Pilot says:

      Talk to the clerk of your local family court. They should be able to guide you in which documents to file, and whether you have to hire a lawyer.
      I advised a friend and his spouse in Las Vegas. We found a legal secretary in the classifieds who drew up the papers, and two weeks later, they were divorced. They even didn’t know until a day or two later!

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