How much does a divorce in California costs?

Husband and I are talking about the big D, and I was wondering if we can even afford one!! We’ve been married five years, and have a 3 and almost 2 year old together. How much would it cost to help finalize a divorce with custody agreement and everything?

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    4 Responses to How much does a divorce in California costs?

    1. our2joy says:

      mot sure but they do have legal aides for low or not cost to you.

    2. Frank says:

      Since you’re a female I don’t know what you’re worried about. The state will grant you everything plus all of your husband’s future earnings. Then you can still go and have the next man you’re blowing support you as well. If you have a job yourself it’s like getting three paychecks!!!

    3. Ahbleza says:

      Northern California, cost $4,000 for my half, no kids involved and minor disagreements over financial issues. Assume she paid half or more of that at least for her attorney. She filed.

    4. murrayskeeter says:

      Low cost divorce has never been so easy to obtain thanks to two brilliant online divorce companies – Complete Case and Legal Zoom. For a basic divorce you could pay as little as $250. Total. And there’s a written guarantee that you’ll receive a 100% refund if your application is not successful.

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