How much does a divorce in California cost?

We are getting divorced, and we’re doing it ourselves with no lawyers or legal BS. All we want to do is file and get it over with legally. Does anyone know what the fees in California would be for the most basic divorce?

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  1. jheckle says:

    It depends on which county you file in, but California does have a form you can use to waive the filing fee. It’s called a "Application for Waiver of Court Fees and Costs". Don’t count on getting your fees waived though. If you need more information about the process or the form and everything else you need to file your own divorce in California then visit –

  2. SexyLady says:


  3. michael says:

    The court filing fees are somewhere around $400. Call the court house , they will tell you. Actually it is an annulment.

  4. mefritter2 says:

    I just got divorced last year here in california we did not fight over anything. In my county they have a SHARP office in the court house
    which are paralegals they help you for free. All you have to pay are the court filing fees which cost me 320.00

  5. Z says:

    I am sorry to hear that things did not work out between you and your spouse. I am glad that through this difficult time you are able to find a way to resolve the pain without causing additional suffering for each other.

    In terms of cost, I would estimate an amicable divorce to cost between $250 and $400 if you use an aid service, and perhaps less if you avail yourself of county courthouse self-help programs. This does not include the courthouse filing charges, which might vary from county to county. Filing charges may cost a few hundred dollars.

    There are many forms required for a California divorce. While it is a no-fault state, the California divorce process can be complicated, even when there are no disagreements between parties. If the forms are not filled out properly, the process can be delayed or not completed. The divorce laws are written to ensure that both parties’ rights are protected and the judges work to make sure this happens.

    You might try an online site which will walk you through the process, especially if you are still on speaking terms.

    I recommend first going to the California self help website. The address is attached below. This will walk you through the California process in great detail. If, after having read this you want additional help completing all the forms, you might try a site such as Complete Case to help you fill out the paperwork. You might also try to seek assistance through a paralegal, which would be considerably cheaper than through walking through the process with a mediation lawyer.

    Good luck to you both through this difficult time.

  6. lorisam7879 says:

    From what I remember, the court filing fees are not based on how easy or how difficult the divorce is. The fees vary by state, and by county. When I filed it was around $300.
    Its best to check with the court you’re filing with, because each county has a different filing cost.

  7. tlogan says:

    $320 to file the initial divorce papers in California.

    If the spouse files a Response with the court he/she would have to pay an additional response/appearance fee of $320. A response fee is not charged if its a CA summary dissolution or if the case enters default.

    Many California counties provide a Family Law Facilitator to provide free legal help.

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