How much does a divorce cost in texas or in Corpus Christi on average?

We decided to get a clean divorce.No property or anything.We do have a 1 yr old son that I will be keeping.He has agreed to send us money monthly so that won’t be an issue.We just want a clean and easy divorce that is fast.Also do we both have to have lawyers if we agreed on everything?

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  1. Queen Agnostic says:

    well, nobody can tell you how much because if varies in every situation.

    From my experience (divorced twice) you should always have your own lawyer…. and you can get an amicable divorce each having your own, you just tell your lawyer this is what you want and to do as you ask. I say this because right now everything seems fine but honestly, you dont know what will happen down the road…. you need to get that support in writing because if you dont and he meets someone else and starts a family, he could just say " I aint payin"….. and your hooped if you didnt protect yourself.. it could costs literally thousands to take him to court. I know you dont want to get things all stirred up but trust me, you have to do this for you and your son now. He will move on and he will be with someone again and he could have another family that will cost money, however, your son comes first. I did what you are wanting to do with my last husband and I kicked myself many times later on….. I too had a daughter, although not biologically his, he adopted her and I was making okay money at the time so i took nothing on a monthly basis…. well, I lost my job unexpectedly and when i called him he laughed…. because after they get over you and move on, the last thing they want to do is give you their money….. so I had to work two jobs to get by….. and my daughter and I struggled while he remarried and had two kids. Its all good now, I remarried and my life is great…. but I remember how tough it was back then and rather than say "oh yea, you can get an amicable divorce without your own lawyer" I feel you cant…… you need to protect yourself as well as your one year old child… he owes it to that child to help out until he is age of majority.. and he should have no problem putting that in writing.

    good luck with this

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