How much can one expect from a personal injury claim?

What would be a ball park figure in a civil claim where the defendant has admitted fault and there is permanent, irrreversible physical damage to the victim that prohibits him from using his body to work ever again? Not to mention having already had 3 major surgeries and expecting at least 2 more to put in pins, screws, and plates in knees, ankle, legs, and spinal coloumn? The defendant is a company, not an individual.

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5 Responses to How much can one expect from a personal injury claim?

  1. Faye H says:

    It’s going to depend on your medical bills. It’s going to depend on the physicians report and what it says, i.e., if you are permanently totally disabled or partially disabled. It’s going to depend on your age and your expected earnings prior to the injury.

    There is no ball park figure. Every claim is different and there is no way to throw out a figure based on the information you gave.

    It will also depend on what the policy limits of the person who was at fault in the accident. If they had $25,000 limit, that would be the maximum you could collect from the insurance company. Since you said this was a company, they likely had more than the minimum limits for your state. However, even companies have different limits. Mom & Pop grocery store is likely to have a lower limit policy than Bank of America does.

  2. The Naked Chef says:

    5 figure i reckon

  3. lou b says:

    With the right attorney…the sky is the limit.

  4. mbrcatz17 says:

    There isn’t a set amount, it’s ALSO going to depend on, well, how much LIFE he has left to live – if he’s 78, you don’t have as many years left as if he were 20. If you were previously unemployed, you don’t have the loss of income you would have if you were a brain surgeon. Then, you’re ALSO looking at the policy limits – if the medical costs are high enough, it’s not too hard to reach the policy limit – then the insurance company just writes a check & walks away, and it’s up to YOU to collect any judgement from the company. IF they don’t file bankruptcy over it.

    Lastly, you have to look at the state laws, if there are limitations in place.

    You’re much more likely to get an idea of the payout, by talking to your attorney. But PERSONAL injury isn’t the same as BODILY injury – what you’ve described is a BODILY injury claim, not discrimination, harrassment, or slander – which are PERSONAL injuries.

  5. mamatohaley says:

    Not enough info to answer.

    Meds, lost (past and present) wages, diagnosed injury, AMA disability rating, aggravating circumstances, etc not given.

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