How many of you divorced women have slept with your divorce lawyer while ending your marriage?

How many of you think that there should be some sort of discount on the divorce cost if you do?

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17 Responses to How many of you divorced women have slept with your divorce lawyer while ending your marriage?

  1. Snarky's Wife says:

    LMAO…I can’t help it. I just have to mention…..

    I did one of those "Do it Yourself" divorces.

    You wouldn’t believe the twisted sexually deviant things I was forced to do, er…to myself.

  2. torn says:


  3. Mr O says:

    hi..i’m a divorce lawyer. I have some important document to show you…in my pants.

    answer mines?

  4. Just Me :) says:

    I didn’t do it, and there should be a law against such acts~

  5. Nicole says:

    Haha! No to your question but I definitely think that there should be a discount….it’s only fair!

  6. Quasimodo says:

    How much of a percentage off did you get?

    And it only goes to prove that lawyers are the most unethical of the lot.

  7. Boston Bill says:

    didnt u see the 2 and a half men episode when charlie sleeps with alans lawyer(heather locklear) and alan was the one who got royally screwed? not a good idea.

  8. Acquiescent says:

    Is THAT what is meant by Pro Bono???

  9. High Roller says:

    A woman who sleeps with her lawyer is a fool and all she’s going to get is screwed.

  10. AhManDuh says:

    Looks like my secret is out.

  11. prettylittlething says:

    Good question, I guess no one actually admits to it,lets find out.

  12. Eddie Cacciatore, Private Eye says:

    I’m not sure about lawyers, but I always seems to hire attractive female counselors to "help me be a better husband." They do accept the $18 co-pay.

  13. Courtney M. P. says:

    I haven’t been divorced yet, but that is another perk now that you mention it… hmmm… it would give the attorney a more educated opinion about what the hubby is loosing… mental note: new divorce lawyer criteria – fine

  14. Snarky says:

    My first wife, had sex with her divorce lawyer, but she had sex with everyone. The way the judge treated me, I’m sure he was also in on her action. Why else would she be rewarded half of my police pension, the house, the car, the cattle farm, etc. Whoever said you can never get ahead by using sex, was wrong.

  15. Jackie says:

    well, at least now ur getting some!!! 😉

  16. bgbbill says:

    < not a divorced woman. and i dont plan to be one!! lol

  17. cassandras_evil_sister3 says:

    if i were divorced, id have gotten ‘him’ as part of the settlement so hubby will continue to service me!!! :))

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