How long does it take to receive the divorce decree?

If the judge signed it on 6/2, when should I expect to receive a copy of the divorce decree in the mail?

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    4 Responses to How long does it take to receive the divorce decree?

    1. Rakesh says:

      Every state has a different law cant say about any typical one. I think it should not take long. For more details check

    2. LeeH says:

      In AZ the petitioner gets a copy immediately after the hearing. He/she is required to deliver a copy to you (or mail postmarked) within 48 hours (it actually might be 24 but I’ll err on the larger side).
      They can get in trouble if they don’t deliver it to you within that time.

    3. nicknamelegalforce says:

      Generally, it should not take more than a day or two.

    4. lorisam7879 says:

      It depends on what state you are in. Some states have required waiting periods, and your divorce is not final until that waiting period has expired.
      I would check your state laws to see if your state does have a waiting period. You should receive the decree by mail no later than a few weeks after the waiting period has passed.

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