How long does it normally take for a divorce to be final?

My husband filled for a divorce after I had moved out to get away from his abusive ways. Now he wants me to go back. We already had the tempory orders due to kids being involved. Every time he contacts me or I contact him to talk to the kids he always talks to me about going back with him. I am not going back and he dont get it.

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    1. says:

      The answer to your question depends upon the state of jurisdiction, what and who is involved (i.e. children), and the length of the court dockets. It can take from a few months to a few years depending upon all of these factors and more. If your divorce has lots of assets or is more complicated by issues that need litigation or mediation, then it could take much longer. In Pennsylvania, I’ve heard that the court dockets are about two years out currently. I would consult with your attorney to see what time frame he/she would say is reasonable given your specific situation.

      Also, you might want to check out, even if you are not a man, as they discuss some of the things you are asking about and the things I have mentioned.

    2. Rachel says:

      Although my husband and I repaired our marriage.. during that time I found out it only takes 6 months to be final in Oklahoma. I am sure it varies.

    3. CatInTheHat says:

      6 months with kids involved…quit talking to him. Discuss only the children, not how was your day, i miss you, etc. Tell him to go to counseling and (IF you want to) you might consider back together if he’s making progress in treatment. Be on guard tho, if you start dating and he’s the jealous type who wants you back, there could be big trouble. I’d move.

    4. La Vie Boheme says:

      It can take a few months or a few years depending on the circumstances.

    5. M says:

      Respond to his petition for divorce and that gets the ball rolling.
      Tell him you want a divorce and there is no chance at reconciliation.

    6. liz says:

      I am in UK and from start to finish 7 months.
      If talking to him makes you uncomfortable then dont do it, get a court order for him to see the children and if necessary this could be at your mums or his or at a family centre.

    7. jeremygregg says:

      There is a good Q&A list about divorce at

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