How long does a divorce in California take if there's property involved?

My friend isn’t happy with his marriage so decided to get a divorce however this has taken him bout seven months already since they where lagging the process due to some properties they have he now has to pay money to her; in addition, if he decides to appeal he can’t divorce her according to his lawyer is this true?

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    3 Responses to How long does a divorce in California take if there's property involved?

    1. Love says:

      Invest in your love and to be happy.
      When you make a commitment to a relationship, you invest your attention and energy in it more profoundly because you now experience ownership of that relationship.

    2. ladyren says:

      Your friend made an error getting any attorney at all involved.

      Divorce papers are at any court house. He and his ex can go over them and put in the null set sign (a zero with a slash) and agree privately how their estate is to be settled. If there is property, they can agree to sell it themselves———-friendly divorces are cheaper ones. It’s when one or the other gets greedy, that the $$$ ends up in the pockets of two attorneys who have no interest whatsoever in keeping things easy.

      After they have agreed, they sign, submit with fee, and the divorce is final in 6 months.

      If they are not sure they wish to go the solo route, they can hire a "mediating attorneyu" who will help them figure out what is fair. They as well charge, thus having those papers already means fewer hours, (and at $450/hr) it can get out of hand.

      The trick is to understand that California is a no fault state, as are most.

      Your friend needs to become realistic, accept that his share is 50% of their assets earned while they were together. She as well needs to accept that. And the two of them need to agree just what 50% each gets.

    3. Common sense isn't anymore.. says:

      6 months is the minimum, it can drag on for literally years.

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