How long do Jack Wills deliveries normally take?

I am moving house in 6 days and i do not know if i should put my delivery address down as my current address or the one i will be moving into. how long do JW deliveries normally take?

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2 Responses to How long do Jack Wills deliveries normally take?

  1. morgaan ✿ says:

    standard delivery now is 8-10 days because of the sale and christmas post. so many people are ordering online at this time of year so postage will take longer to arrive. i ordered a jumper from there yesterday and standard delivery was and it takes 8-10 days.

  2. H! says:

    from past experience, i bought two items and they came at different times. the first came… three days later i think,the other one ten days. it might have been out of stock or whatever, but to be safe i’d ask for special delivery so it gets to you the next day. remember it is christmas time though so the post might take forever

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