How long after a divorce does it take most people to remarry?

What range of years is average?

Also, if most people don’t remarry after a certain amount of years they probaly won’t, how many years post-divorce do you think that is that they just end up staying single?

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    5 Responses to How long after a divorce does it take most people to remarry?

    1. Their mommy! says:

      The average is 3 years (which I don’t think is nearly enough!!)

    2. Jerry says:

      Your worries are a waste or your own time and only time will tell you when is right. Everybodys different.

    3. **Ghosty** says:

      As I sat snivelling in the divorce Solictor’s office, she said that I would be married again within two years; she had absolutely no doubt about it, she said.


      In my case, never again. But the general concensus seems to be that people are fit for dating again after 18 months or so to heal from a major break-up.

      So, in my case, forever, but in other people’s cases they are usually up and romancing again before two years is up.

      And then they can go foul it all up again, and get divorced AGAIN. Second marriages have an awful failure rate. And third ones are even worse.

      Good luck.

    4. Raymond says:

      It has been six years for me. I don’t know there is a set time. I wish it would have happened sooner but I don’t give up hope.

    5. Female says:

      Should they remarry? That is the question… Seriously each person is different. Some honestly may never remarry while others will do it over and over and over again and waste zero time in doing it.

      Personally I did not get married with the view of ever doing it again. Or for it to fail… As of yet I am still hanging in there. Marriage is freaking HARD to deal with.

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