How Injury Solicitors Can Assist With Your Accident Claim

How Injury Solicitors Can Assist With Your Accident Claim

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Home Page > Law > How Injury Solicitors Can Assist With Your Accident Claim

How Injury Solicitors Can Assist With Your Accident Claim

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Posted: Jan 17, 2011 |Comments: 0

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Facts are key when claiming for compensation.

Potential claimants often have a lot to weigh up before committing themselves to making a compensation claim particularly if they feel that their livelihood is at stake.

Employees understandably can feel a sense of unease about making a personal injury compensation claims, particularly if they are on the receiving end of actual or perceived threats from their employers.

This is exactly the time when you need to know the solid legal ground you are standing on. Remember that your initial interview with a personal injury solicitor does not commit you to any course of action. The main reason for the chat will be to ascertain whether or not you have the grounds for a successful claim. This reduces the chances of you ending up red faced and having an unhappy employer on your back to add insult to injury.

The Regulations define a ‘workplace’ as anywhere within the premises including rooms, corridors, stairways. They also cover any road or place used as either a means of access to or exit from that place of work.

Work accidents can vary in severity as can the consquences of these incidents. Those who work regularly with computers will pay testament to the fact that they can suffer from repetitive strain injury due to using laptops, PCs and phone devices. Conversely we could be referring to an accident at work such as those suffered on large machinery.

Your solicitor will help you deal with your case. They will balance issues such as how the injury is likely to affect you in the future. Long term effects of injuries both physical and psyschological all must be looked at.

Taking the claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis means that they have their fee riding on the success of your claim. Due to this, they will not bother taking your case to court unless they believe it has a good chance of success. They are responsible for their own legal fees in the unlikely event that your compensation claim fails.

Experienced personal injury solicitors will make sure that you do not get bullied into making decisions that you do not want to make. Know that the law is there to protect you and any damages awarded are to ease any suffering you may have.

About the Author:
Looking for Solicitors in Salisbury to help you make a compensation claim? Contact Bonallack & Bishop – specialist injury solicitors. Tim Bishop is senior partner at the firm, responsible for all major strategic decisions. He has grown the firm by 1000% in 13 years and has plans for further expansion.
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