How does the divorce work in AZ if one party cheated?

I’m not quite sure how divorce works in the state of AZ. Like if people have to split assets, etc. Alimony, stuff like that. But what if one party cheated, do they still get half? Could they get alimony? What if they technically got their half of the person’s stuff already? Etc. Could someone point me in the right direction, don’t say an attorney, becuae I’m not the one getting divorced, they will give me no information.

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3 Responses to How does the divorce work in AZ if one party cheated?

  1. lorisam7879 says:

    The reason for the divorce does not have anything to do with splitting assets. That’s a completely separate issue. AZ is a community property state which means all assets & debts will be split 50/50 during divorce, no way around it.
    As far as alimony, its hard to get anyway, but the judge looks at all aspects of the marriage: how long you were married, who works, who stays home (if anyone) and makes the decision based on those details.

  2. response2debt says:

    Have the one involved in this situation to seek legal counceling. Also go to Divorce law for AZ. Try All types of info are public documents.

  3. Lela A says:

    Each state has different divorce laws, so consult with a lawyer and get the facts

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