How does divorce effect an citizenship application in process?

One of my friends applied for citizenship 7 years ago when he got married (for love). In the last year, he and his wife, who was born here, have been having a lot of problems. Recently he had to go back to Mexico for an appointment on his application and was granted a 1 yr Visa for now while the citizen application is still in process. Since he got back, their problems have gotten worse. He wants to get a divorce, but she keeps threatening to mess up his application if he leaves her. What can he do? Is she actually able to stop the application process? He is a very hard worker and really deserves to stay here. Any serious suggestions are much appreciated.
He wasn’t a permanent resident before. He just received his 1yr VISA at the end of July 2007. INS sent him his alien card )good till 2017) and a letter stating that he’d be receiving a social security number, but the VISA is only good through next July.

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    4 Responses to How does divorce effect an citizenship application in process?

    1. Screamingradical says:

      Sorry but he is in trouble. If the marriage breaks up prior to the completion of citizenship process then he is out. That is the law.

    2. Yak Rider says:

      No effect whatsoever unless there is verified spousal abuse.

    3. falisrm says:

      if he was already a permanent resident there is no problem if he gets a divorce. you need to tell us just a little more information. it shouldnt have taken 7 years for citizenship.

    4. jimmybond says:

      she better goes with him also.

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