How do you get a cheap divorce in Nevada?

What’s the cheapest way to get a divorce in Las Vegas? My friend has been married to her husband for almost five years and they live in Las Vegas, it wasn’t some drunken mistake. Annulment isn’t an option at this point. They’re both cheating on each other and completely miserable with each other, but they keep using money as an excuse not to get the divorce. Assuming they can be adults about it and not try to screw each other over, is there a way they can do it without bankrupting themselves?

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6 Responses to How do you get a cheap divorce in Nevada?

  1. Lilly V says:

    Are you serious. Girl, it is just about free. All she has to do is go down to the courthouse, get the paperwork, fill it out and have him served. I live in Reno and it is just the same. My friend just did it. There was a fee to file…minimal like $30 and then a process server fee to have him served…again less than $50. Al long as their is not a big fight about everything, you can pretty much make your own terms in the divorce and just have it filied. From picking up the paperwork to it being finalized was less than three weeks and she had been married for 15 years with 4 kids, all under 18. As long as he does not contest it, then there should not be a lot of cost if it is done themselves.
    They call us the quickie state for a reason.

  2. JesseJack says:

    apply for food stamps first then start pan handling

  3. yolonda T says:

    Maybe they should just have an open marriage,I don’t normally suggest this because I don’t believe in it but obviously they are both cheating,and from what you are saying they are both making excuses for why they should not get divorced.

  4. c l says:

    If it is an uncontested divorce they can go to the Family Court Law Center and get the papers for a few dollars, fill them out and file them for less than three hundred dollars, that is the cheapest way I am aware of.

  5. Bill S says:

    File without any lawers

  6. Onliner says:

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