How do you account for the popularity of divorce in America?

Almost half of American marriages now end in divorce. To what do you attribute this high divorce rate?

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5 Responses to How do you account for the popularity of divorce in America?

  1. George McCasland, Papa Bear says:

    First off, half of marriages, but remember, most are repeat marriages. Over 85% of divorces involve people who were younger than 24 when they started living together or got married. That is the #1 reason. Once that first relationship gets screwed up, they just continue to repeat it.

    Keep your pants, or panties on until age 24 and you are most likely to get a life partner.

  2. tarheel_9999 says:

    The universal unpopularity of marriage.

  3. seeinstars says:

    Women have a lot more roles in the workplace today, and are therefore more independent. In the past, women were expected to remain loyal to their husbands no matter what (even abuse).

  4. jasper says:

    probably really bad fighting, if you have kids and they shouldn’t be around a certain parent, bad drug attic, if someone abuses someone, they hate each other, he/her is never around, some people get divorced because one cheated on the other.. lots of reasons..

  5. asdfsa a says:

    because people have lost the chains created by the social exchange of sex.
    In marriage; Men get sex, women get status. This was the birth of monogamy
    But now women no longer need status and are free to choose sex.
    Thus monogamy becomes increasingly unnecessary, until sexual promiscuity decreases (usually in the late thirties and early forties). Thus people who marry before this time tend to divorce but people who marry later in life stay together.

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